Ground moles

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by firedude26, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. firedude26

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    I am getting killed by moles now in my own yard. I have used with sucess the talprid worms but they seem to have no effect on these suckers now. I got rid of them in spring and now with the colder weather they are back with a vengence. Anybody been using something different. I have no signs of grubs or any other ground insects. I am geting ready to start blowing holes in the yard with the 12 gauge. lol *trucewhiteflag*
  2. mbricker

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    i think moles are God's way of telling us that no matter how hard we work on our lawns, there is always some little uncontrollable glitch that resists all our efforts!

    I have several traps out, and every once in a while I get one. I patrol the areas where they are active, flatten out the tunnels, and sometimes I get lucky and see one digging, and whack it with a garden mattock. I have been working on these critters for a couple of years, and now I mainly have them along the borders of my lawn, where they come in from neighboring property: pasture on one side, woods on 2, and a neighbor who couldn't care less about his lawn on the fourth.

    I have tried a couple of repellents, and the one that seems to work part of the time is the castor oil solution that you spray on the lawn from a hose-end sprayer. I have also used this on a couple of customers' lawns. If there are moles in an area that you cover with the repellant, they will go just go all over at random until they accidentally find their way to the edge of the treated area. So use of the repellant actually can make a lawn get tore up worse for a while. I am now using the repellant along the borders of my lawn, which sometimes seems to turn the critters back.

    I haven't tried the Talprid (or copy products), because the only "proof" that it might be working would be the absence of further mole activity. However, the varmints can work up an area for days, then leave that area without you doing a single thing, then re-appear weeks later, often following the exact tunnels they abandoned earlier. So if the Talprid type baits are working, you wouldn't really have any way of being sure that is why the moles are gone.

    I was pretty unconcerned about mole activity in my own yard until I started noticing how much of my lawn was going down the hill with each rain. my yard, especially the back, is a fair slope. The mole activity was allowing a lot more erosion. So now I'm at war.

    The trap I am having the most success with is the Victor Out of Sight trap. But it can be finicky to set so it is sensitive enough to trip on the mole. I have actually watched a mole dig around and under one of these without tripping it. For a long time, I wouldn't use the standard trap with the plunger that jams spikes down into the tunnel, because I was afraid that either my or my neighbor's cats might get a paw caught in it. Now i am using one, but have yet to get a mole with it.

    In addition to grubs, a main food for moles is earthworms. If you want a healthy lawn you will want to keep the earthworms healthy. Some of the outfits like Fairway push a "grub" treatment to eliminate the moles' source of food. What they don't tell you is, the earthworms are also going to die. Then the lawn gets compacted, the soil won't absorb watering, and they sell you aeration to "cure" the compaction. I would guess a lot of LCO's on here also are pushing that never-ending cycle of "treatments" for their customers' lawns.

    All I can say is "good luck!"
  3. Allure

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    put in a pool lol. i have had more drown in the pool than controlled by other measures. i just bought the talprid worms but have not used them yet. would i be better off waiting until spring?
    not only are they wreaking havoc on my lawn, this year they have been going through all of my beds as well (lots of earth worms).
  4. mbricker

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    If the moles are active, they are feeding. so use that Talprid. or anything else you choose to combat them with. If you wait until spring, you will likely have another generation to contend with.
  5. CELawn

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    This is going to sound ridiculous but we tried everything under the sun and finally broke down and bought some of those little windmills from Harbor Freight and they seemed to have worked. They supposedly vibrate the ground. I have no idea if they really work but we haven't had any moles in our yard this year. :)
  6. The Rookie

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    I used mole poison pellets that you put into their active tunnels, they eat the pellets and die. I haven't seen any more and it has been almost a month now. I am going to buy more to have on hand in case more come into my yard. The container has a pointed tip on it to poke a hole in the tunnel, then you put several pellets down in the tunnel and set a rock on top of the hole. I really hate moles but this product seems to work.
  7. mrkosar

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    what's the name of that product? sounds like talpirid basically but pellets rather than worms.
  8. UpNorth

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    I'm sure some of you know this, and I don't claim that is is a cure all for moles, but I have used this method, and the customers I've told have tried the method, and all claim it works.

    Take 1/2 stick of Juicy Fruit Gum, chew it a few times put it near the hole/tunnel..Moles love the taste, but cant digest it. I have one customer near a horse farm that claims she got over 20 last year with this method alone.

    I'm not saying this is the answer, but at least it cheap and kinda fun just for the experiment!!
  9. Gatewayuser

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    I hope all of you have a vertebrae control license because turf does not cover it.
    I use talprid with great results I have had calls from 75miles away(I did not take it) it works that good all you have to do is follow the directions to a tee.
  10. Allure

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    don't need a license to treat my own yard & i would not do it for anyone else without one.

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