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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Turfdoctor1, Feb 15, 2008.

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    My Dad works in the oil field, in the Western part of Oklahoma. He pays a guy every year to go out to his locations and spray a "ground sterilant" that is supposed to keep anything from growing for an extended period of time. My dad says it is not a herbicide. This guy charges an arm and a leg to do this, and I wonder if it is just a crock. Any ideas what this "ground sterilant" is?
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    Lesco carries a product called "Sahara". It's not cheap, so I'm not sure what you consider an arm and a leg.

    I get about $400 / acre to spray this with a mix of prosecutor and scythe.

    You also have to remember that you only spray the product once / year, so the customer is paying for the fact that they're not out there maintaining the area often.
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    Thanks lwn. i thought that sahara was a glyphosate formulation. no?
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    NO, sahara makes the soil barren (like the desert, hence the name) so nothing will grow. And is a completely different mode of action compared to glyphostate. We mix the two together to get a faster kill.
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    Depending on what the is chemical he is spraying will have a lot to do with what he charges. We do bare ground weed control as well in the oilfield, and we use krovar, diuron, glyphosate, and sometimes different sulfonylurea's. If you are doing a one time application as we do, you have to charge more for it, especially if you guarantee your work. We usually do resprays at no additional charge, but very rarely ever have to. Our cost of chemical per acre can run anywhere from $225 - $300. Another thing to keep in mind is that most oil companies require at least 1mil. in liability insurance, plus 500,000 for vehicle liability. Most of the locations we go to are anywhere from 25-125 miles from our shop, so putting gas in a truck that gets 8-10 mpg
    can get very expensive from day to day.

    To say this guy is a crook, who really knows. All I know is what the cost to operate, and pay employees, taxes, and workers comp.

    If your dad is interested, we could give him a general quote over the phone, or via e-mail to see if he is really getting taken advantage of. Just remember, most of the oil lease spraying, is and can be very dangerous, especially working around pumping units, and gas boosters.


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