Groundhog T4 vs. Vermeer RT60

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mad Estonian, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Mad Estonian

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    I found one thread from a while back where folks were discussing these 2, but I was wondering if anyone could offer a good comparison, pros/cons of each. Looks like the RT60 costs close to 1 1/2 times what the T4 does. Is it worth the diff? Oh, and if any Cowboy fans are reading this, my heart bleeds for you, but my heart bleeds Seahawk blue.:cry:
  2. Dirty Water

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    Seahawks all the way :)

    The Groundhog T4 is not self propelled, and will wear you out quickly, but its a good little trencher for tight spots.

    The Vermeer might cost 1.5 times more, but its at least 1.5 times more trencher as well.

    To be honest, we've never bothered with these mini-trenchers, as I can get our 410 in just about any spot I want.
  3. Mad Estonian

    Mad Estonian LawnSite Senior Member
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  4. Vermeer

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    While the RT60 is not self propelled as previously mentioned it does have a ground drive/foot pedal assist to help pull the trencher through the ground especially in tough conditions. The unit also has a few other features that I can explain if you are interested. PM me if you would like more information. As Jon mentioned above these type of units are used only in short and shallow installations up to 12" deep.
  5. landscape guy

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    I purchased the RT60 this past summer its a powerful machine for its size once you learn how to let it do the work and not fight it.Well worth the money.:canadaflag: :canadaflag:
  6. gusbuster

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    For the installs I do, The T-4 was a good investment for me. Like others are saying, when working on a hill, it will get real tired, but it works great for me.

    Easy to transport to with this set up.

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