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    Wow! I just sold my Grounds Guys Franchise in April. After someone reached out to me this week from a post I made a few years ago about the Grounds Guys, I decided to read some of these recent posts. And I have to say I am compelled to make a statement.

    First of all I have no affiliation with the Grounds Guys whatsoever after April 1st 2017. I was a franchisee from September 2014 to April 2017. I am not responding to anyone in particular though some of these negative assumptions are so far from the truth and when taken with context clues could very easily be classified as people who have no idea what they are talking about. These comments are not only ignorant in regards to Grounds Guys or franchises in general but also lack an understanding in even the simplest of general business concepts.

    With that being said I would hate for an eager entrepreneur looking for thier first or second opportunity to miss out on the life changing and unbelievably positive experience that I have had with the Grounds Guys. This business model is one of many vehicles to financial freedom through business ownership. it is not for everyone. It requires someone that is teachable and capable of being competently honest with themselves.

    I am willing to share my story with anyone about my experience with GG. It is not all rainbows by any stretch. If anyone would like to talk about my experience with Grounds Guys I would be glad to invest some of my time in telling you my story and answering your questions. I will be 100% honest about my struggles and victories owning a Grounds Guys Franchise. PM me if interested.
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    The Dothan al office has closed... It seems like they last 2 or 3 years and their gone... Is it like this in all areas or just mine???
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    3rd year, royalties go UPPPP, and if you haven't figured it out by then and grown, you're going down......financially if not everywhere else.
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    Your spelling was hard on my brain.
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    100k investment in a new business isn’t unreal.
    It’s a virtual myth that you can just run out and start up a business with a push mower and poof make millions.

    ed Laflamme did it
    Marty Grunder and Tony Bass did it.
    But we don’t know the names of everyone who failed ... a list that would make the Vietnam war memorial look small.

    if you don’t have a decent amount of money saved up to go into business you shouldn’t do it.
    Wait until you do.
    that is, unless baby needs new shoes and the family is starving - then do whatever you can to scrap up some dough.

    but going in well planned and financed is absolutely the preferred way.

    should you throw 100k at a franchise?
    I don’t know.
    They have existing knowledge , experience and marketing power you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, especially if you’re new to the industry.

    look at all the franchises like Pizza Hut or McDonald’s
    Plenty of business owners that aren’t professional chefs are now running and successful
    Can it work?
    Obviously yes.
    Do they take a lot of money from you?
    But people don’t talk about the money they lost on their own trying to “figure things out” or reinvent the wheel.

    the imaginary world of “corporations are greedy and evil” puts a taint of distrust on a franchise that’s not really deserved.
    I find it humorous people will put more value in the advice of strangers that’s free and risk their money on that, than willing pay for professional and proven franchise advice.

    I’m not advocating franchises
    I’m just saying there are countless ones in every community that are working.
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    buy your own gear get your own Customers let you work speak for itself there is plenty of money out there to make go get it you dont need a franchise to do it

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