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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mrkosar, Dec 13, 2006.

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    I've heard many on here that use this software. I just started diving into the software lately, and I was wondering what you guys do about the accounting side of the business. I know it has an expense category, but it doesn't record check #'s for your purchases. It doesn't give you an income statement or balance sheet. It doesn't link to quicken, quickbooks, etc.. I was wondering what you guys do about all this? Also, it doesn't print out checks for you. Do you just write checks, and record this information in a separate place or what?

    I called them, they said they don't plan on linking it to accounting software in the future because most business owners do not like working with quickbooks, peachtree, etc.. They said most owners print out their revenue and expenses, then hand it off to their accountant. My accountant said this will make it much more expensive for him to do my taxes, plus in the future it will start to become inefficient and complicated. Is this what you guys do, print out the info and hand it over?

    Groundskeeper Pro seemed simple, and cheap (good for very small business), but doesn't seem like it will be able to handle my activities when the business begins to grow.

    I've read in the archives some use Lawn Monkey, Gopher, etc.. I want to learn a system from the beginning that I can use once I expand to 2,000+ customers. What do most in the industry use? How much will I be looking at paying compared to my $380 for GP? Do you use softwares that have these accounting systems built in or softwares that link to quickbooks? Thanks.
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    See this post

    BTW I found MS Streets and Trips to be a great routing program. IMHO I explained QB, MS Office Excel and Outlook advantages in the other thread. I think the little bit of extra time spend having Multiply programs is minimal after your first set up. True you would Have to Cut & Paste a new customer to the route and schedule programs instead of a possible easier program that does it all in one shot.

    PS I do like the Idea that I can build a custom schedule and Costing factor instead of being tied to a set program.
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    I have been using quickbooks pro for 12 years and love it. It does everything I need and can be linked to many lawn software programs out there. Profit and Loss, accountants receivable, checking and credit card transanctions, estimates, invoicing, time tracking, itemized reports per customer or service. You name it, it can do it. My accountants work is very minimal due to the reports I can hand her. I say that learning the ins and outs of quickbooks has been one of the most important factors in my growth.
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    so do you just use quickbooks pro? i know you said it links to many lawn care softwares, but do you use a lawn care software program in addition to quickbooks pro?

    i know i can use quickbooks and it is great for everything that you said, but what about logging pesticide apps and things that pertain directly to lawn care? how do you do these things if you don't use a lawn care software? aren't you entering information two times, which in the long run is inefficient? this is what i'm trying to avoid from the beginning before it costs me thousands because of this inefficency.
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    Each invoice can be itemized accordingly which will track sales per item or per customer summarized or in detail. As for pesticide application logs, that is done in the field after each application. As far as other software, I have not felt the need for using anything in conjuction with quickbooks aside from excel spreadsheets to help me with routing and other customer information.

    I do have to update the info for each customer into the spreadsheet at the beginning of each season. I then use the spreadsheets in the field and when billing, checking off each customer after each service has been completed and a second check when in has been invoiced. This way I know that the service has been completed and billed out for each application per customer.

    Maybe not the best system, but it has worked for me.

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    i use groundskeeper for everything except accounting

    all payables are in quickbooks

    i have heardsimilar thing from adkad and i am pushing the gk program to its limits.....It does do routing and billing easier than quickbooks....much easier

    there will be a day when i will need to switch to a stand alone program instead of two but i am sure it will be expensive
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    try qexpress from alocet software. Links right up tp qbooks pro.
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    Does qexpress have a website?
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    I took a brief look. What is the biggest specific reason for purchasing this in regards to how it will save me time in the field and in the office. I see a lot of things listed on their site that can either be done manually in the same amount of time, or that quickbooks pro alone already does. If I am going to spend a grand I want it to save me a grand. I am not knocking the product, I just want to know specifically where it will save me a lot of time. Thanks for the info.

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