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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GreenGuysLC, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Guys I have read a few other threads and seems QB is most talked about. I care nothing for it myself. It maddened me so much I built my own Excel Sheets to track what I wanted to track. It does have limitations and does take more time than I want now days. I have been playing with the trial version of GK pro. Who has used it and what do you think about it. It is definitely a cost effective program from what I can see. It seems simple enough and I would prob put on an Ipad for use in the field. I have per services clients as well as Monthly clients. Any info is appreciated and if you know of a better program that isnt going to break my profits and be set up for our industry let me know.
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    Groundskeeper pro was more of a entry level program. I tried it for a couple months and dind't really care for it.

    As my business grew I felt it didn't cover everything I needed. I then used Gopher pro for about 10 years. Just recently moved back into using quickbooks and im loving it. Tracks every movement of my money and materials down to the penny. I needed that

    With that said each person needs something that fits their specific needs. GK pro might be just what you fell short for me. Gopher cost me basically the same thing that Quickbooks does. If it wasn't for the money tracking via linked bank accounts & the extreme detail quickbooks goes into I would still be using Gopher.
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    I forgot to mention the version of GK pro that I had tried was years ago. More then likely it has changed since then? It was VERY basic when I tried it.
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    Why don't you try jobber? It is free for 30 days. I like it. They are adding more features to it. Chemical tracking and emailing customers reminders will be coming soon. I like being able to email my customers an invoice from my smart phone while I am still on site. Tell me I sent you and I get a free month.
    Give it a shot. It won't cost you anything if you don't lik it. They downloaded my customer list from Gopher at no charge. They also have a phone number and someone ALIVE will call you back.
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    I've been using it almost 10 years and absolutely love it. It's very easy to use
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