Groundsmaster 4000-D Overheating Problems

Discussion in 'Toro' started by jxwalker, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Well I did take the radiator off and had it boiled out and the flow is good, no roding necessary. It was dirty on the outside of the cores toward the bottom. Very hard to service without taking it all the way out to see just what is in around the cores. At least I now will know my cooling system is in shape for this spring and we will see if that makes any difference this year.
    "Properly serviced" is an interesting phrase. Makes quit a difference who it's coming from, a guy at a desk or the guy having to make a living cutting grass.
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    so I see that Clutch Fan was the first suggestion, cracked head was the second.
    on mine, the water pump had gone bad, put a new pump and still have the same issue described above, 10-20 minutes it's in the red zone... let it idle for 2 minutes and she cools right down. I have purchased a new head gasket and head bolts, I'm guessing that the head needs to come off and be checked for cracks.
    I've also tried a new thermostat as well as running it without one.. same timing on the overheating. It has shut down once on it's own but other times, I just don't let it get that hot before letting it idle. Kinda annoying cause it's a beast of a machine and I love it, just need to keep it cool
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    I'm wondering where the guys are who modify the groundsmaster 4000d to make it "run correctly" ie...move oil cooler and mount sideways, and cut holes in hood, or extra electric fans (kickers) dry ice? We have always had issues with ours as well..very annoying....especially when I watch Ryan/Jacobson WA mowers with cabs and heat/a/c flying all over town.

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