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Discussion in 'Toro' started by f_stahl, Mar 31, 2010.

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    I have a grounds master 72 with a 72 inch cutting deck, I bought the machine last fall used and have been fixing it up.
    It has a R-8 continental 4 cylinder liquid cooled motor.
    The problem that I am having is it likes to run hot 225 degrees.
    The guy before me must have removed the thermostat, the water pump is good, pumps at all RPMs.
    The radiator seems to be pretty good, not brand new but ok.
    I tried to flush the radiator, but that did not help.
    I think that my next step is to remove the radiator and replace it with a bigger one or something.
    Is 225 to hot for this machine, not sure.
    Thanks Frank
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    225 degrees is generally too hot. How are you measuring the temp? (infrared, thermometer, temp gage?). If you supply the model/serial in your next post, it will be a lot easier for us to determine next steps and help guide you with the proper diagnostic paths.
    Since you are located in Germantown, WI, your local comercial products Distributor is Reinders Inc (located in Elm Grove). Reinders has the ability to assist you with over the phone technical assistance and parts/service support. Here is a link to them if you desire to contact them:

    Eric Baumeister
    Toro Commercial Service

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