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    Does anyone use this as a fert. out a ride on. I have spent a lot of time with the search and trying to figure out what to do next year. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Dave Stuart

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    GMS growers minerals are a highly developed foliar nutrient blend added to crop seed or it's irrigation water / or as a topical which is also very effective.
    This blend is also a good source of calcium and helps with soil profile building including microbial activity increase and elemental exchange as well as aggregate and capillary stabilization.
    This material is mostly used for crops and helps farmers comply with CAFO a nutrient management regulation.

    Could it be applied with a ride on? Possible.... Not sure how the efficacy would be.
    It would enhance turfgrass just as it does crop plants, although how practically it could be purchased in smaller amounts is unknown, being it probably is bought as a bulk product for large acreage......

    It may be best to stick to standard products in both the mineral and organic spectrum, if it makes it to the landscape industry in a big way the trials will be done for us and a turf label provided / then we can see how it performs.


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