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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by stevenf, Jul 22, 2007.

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    I just started in the lawncare business and have been at it strong for about 2 months. I have 2 weekly account, 5 bi-weekly accounts, a few new estimates to give out this week, and I have had small jobs which gave me some experience such as cleaning and and mulch job. (by accounts, I mean a verbal agreement...)
    These few side jobs and customers has ade me realize that with a little work and effort, This could be a full time job by next season.
    I know this one guy who just purchased a bank contract and has 35 differnt banks a week at 30-35$ each. thats when it hit me that I have to get into commercial contracts next season.
    Right now I have a toro push mower, an old echo trimmer, a lawnboy(toro) home edition ZTR rider. and a homelite handheld blower.....
    The equipment that I have is just a very bad quality cut if there are any slope or dents in a yard. I figured if Im going to get into commercial, people will not tolerate the lines left behind and the blade cutting to the dirt alll the randomly.
    For all of my equipment, I paid about $620.00 so I know I can actually make a profit when I sell it for better stuff.

    To sum it up, How did you start commercial deals? Go to the manager/owner and talk to him/her?? Just advertise and they will come to you??? Ask other LCS's if they are selling any contracts???

    Also, Should My next season investment be a nice walkbehind or should I go for a new rider?
  2. Neal0301

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    I cant answer your question about how to get commercial accounts. Frankly because i dont know

    As for the walk behind or zero turn, it all depends on what you will be cutting. Personally, i would love to have one of the new Toros that have controls like a ZTR but are walk behinds:cool2: . Im just starting my own business but have worked with my uncle who has his own.

    If you were going to try to go 100% commercial accounts then go with ZTR. But if you are going to have a lot of residential that are hilly, a walk behind would be best, depending on how hilly and the frequency of obstacles in your way.

    Also it depends on your budget, ZTR's are twice as much as walk behinds in some cases. I would look at used, likewise for myself.

  3. bohiaa

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    depending on the Business, YES,

    if there small and the owner works there or the person in charge, "manager"

    Larger ones you will have to go in and ask when there accepting bids, and who to send it too,
  4. stevenf

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    Price isnt that much of an issue as quality is. I see so many resturants and small business with hardly any grass in there medians and lot of little trees. How do you guys usually do this?
    I really just want something with quality. Mine now leaves lines and rivots all over, just not good enough.
  5. CuttersEdgeks

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    Start small get big. you are going to need a good push mower either way so start with purchasing it then as you get more accounts look into a ztr. I started last year with a craftsman mower and a craftsman trimmer and my truck. As I got more customers and more money I up graded. You have to stock your money up from mowing and pay cash for your items DISCIPLINE is the key. Don't go spending money you dont have. I now have an

    echo trimmer
    echo edger
    kawasaki trimmer (love it)
    06 dixon 36" (started with a small on so I could fit in back yards)
    still have craftsman 7 horse push
    echo backpack blower
    husqavarna backpack blower
    toro push
    6x12 utilty trailer

    some I got used and works great saves alot of money. I am now going to purchase a larger ztr would like to go new for warranty like my dixon but will take whatever best deal comes along first.

    My dixon was my last purchaseI knew if I have good push mowers makeing a good cut the ztr could wait until I had the money.

  6. KS_Grasscutter

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    Want a used, but really good shape 50 inch Dixon? I think it's an 04, with like 1040 hours.

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