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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pclawncare, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. pclawncare

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    I started my business when i was 13 yr old working for a rich customer also my first customer mostly looking for cheep labor and a hard worker. This gave me alot of experience in the area of landscaping via trial and error and the high expectation of people with alot of money. Anyway i am 19 now soon to be 20 i am attending college taking 14 hours this semester and i was cutting about 60 yards regularly 5 regulars 2+ acres all the way up to 7 1/2 acres. It keeps me busy but i have one helper that work 40+ hours a week. I started with a little john deere 21" jx 75 and a 5x8 trailer and a little ford ranger pickup. Now i have a 1997 dodge 2500 18' lanscaping trailer 2005 61' 23hp grasshopper a 2003 18 hp walker w/ 36in deck a 2006 20hp walker 48" deck w/ high dump (makes the work so much easier) 36in cub cadett commercial walk behind (for sale) the same john deere jx 75 bout to fall appart and a jx 85. stihl 4 mix sting trimmer another 2 stroke and a 4 mix stick edger and i jus bought a br600 blower. Needless to say i have worked very hard for everything i have my parents have not bought or paid for anything i have. They belive you have to work for something if you want it and if you dont have to money to pay cash then you dont need it. My work ethic and goals have taken me a long way. When i graduate with a degree in business managment i will continue my business untill someone make me a better offer
  2. Hard Worker

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    Sounds like your on the right path. Hang in there and be strong.
  3. oleblue

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    Hard Work Equals Success!
  4. RedMax Man

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    Same here, I own all my own equipment, all paid off by me not my parents. Keep up the hard work and determination there bud.
    I'd like to see a pic. of all your toys?:laugh:
  5. pclawncare

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    Hey red max sounds like you are doin pretty good your self looks like you got some equipment built up every year i keep re investing a portion of money that i make back to the business untill i get all my equipment i want then i will lower the portion significantly ya id like to post some pictures on here but i cant seem to figure out how to do it all my file sizes are too big it says
  6. RedMax Man

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    Yeah i'm doing well, pleased but never totally satisfied kinda feeling. Definitly pays to buy commercial grade so ya don't need to replace it every year.

    I finally figured out how to post pics. Basically once you've resized a pic. down to 800x600 or smaller it will be uploadable. Once you upload it and write a quote or message just click the submit new post button or submit reply and the pics. will be attached. Do you have IrfanView software? i think it can be downloaded for free off the internet.

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