growing grass in dense shade


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i am doing a lawn install were i have to bring in new top soil and plant grass seed.
the lawn has very low sunlight and the owner says he wants a plush lawn.
the owner says to do what it takes and he will pay what it takes to make it happen.
so my question is what do you guys suggest for low sunlight?
the lawn is located in southern michigan,so you guys know what kind of grass i will be dealing with.
thanks in advance,jeff


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fesque- i've had great results with the shade mix that lesco has. the tricky part about it is keeping the grass durning the summer. my brothers back yard is the same way and if he doesn't water nighty it will thin out. simply because the tree roots are bigger and suck up more water, leaving less for the grass.

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Lesco Team Mates Plus. Best shade mix I have used. Really drought tolerant as well.

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