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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmk395, Jul 13, 2001.

  1. dmk395

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    I will graduate from college in December and have decided to try landscaping full time. Currently I have approximately 50 weekly accounts plenty of high quality equipment and believe it or not I have good help. Would it be possible to double the amount of accounts I have, or is that too high a goal to shoot for in one year? I plan on advertising rather extensively and will be looking into pesticide certification, along with the myriad of plant books I am looking into, I hope I can act as more than just a maintenance company to the accounts I already have. Any other advice?
  2. peewee

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    are you in a small town or big city? anyway I am convinced that if 100 is what you are shooting for and you put your mind to it and don't give up, you will get it my friend. good luck.
  3. lawnboy82

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    wow, i wish i was in your boat, 50 accounts. all i have now is about 10 accounts. we cut them all in one long day 2 guys. however side work keeps 3 people plus me busy 4 days a week, and 2 guys another day or two. i would say to you if you want to get into doing other than just maintenace work, to either create a mailer to send to customers, or to open up communications with customers more. if all you do is cutting now, i think something is wrong. if you are into trees, then maybe as you cut the lawns you should look for dead trees, dead / cracked branches, etc. if you are into landscaping or landscape maintenance, look at the condition of the gardens, the shrubs. etc. then go back and talk with the customers about what you have found. i have gotten side work from people just by asking where the property line is.
  4. HOMER

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    You asked!

    My suggestion: If you intend to branch out in other directions then I would recommend that you stay with the 50 for now. Get the pesticide license and the landscape license out of the way and start up-selling to the 50 you service now. I'm trying to reduce the number of accounts, kind of letting attrition take them down so that I can replace them with better accounts and concentrate more on a smaller # of places. 100 sounds good til it starts raining............something breaks..........truck quits.......etc.

    Won't take too long to get really behind with that many accounts then your reputation for dependability is in jeapordy.

    Concentrate on the dollars available at each location, they are there.
  5. Craig Turf Management

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    Good response Mr. Homer.

    Take care, Bill Craig
  6. BIG RON

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    go for it. You didn't say how big your 50 acct. were or how many workers you have or what kind of equipment you have.
    If you have anykind of good equipment and don't have to drive verry far between acct. you should be able to take care of the 50 in about two long days.
    I work by myself and have close to 100 accounts and most of them are weekly and I can get them done in 5 long days 12 to 14 hr days. I am alot older than a college grad. After you get that many you can weed out the undersireables(?) and the ones that dont pay good.
    Good luck and hope that you keep the good help. :angel: :angel:
  7. Premo Services

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    BIG RON I am also older than a college grad. MAN!! Thats a lot of cutting for a person by himself! What kind of equiptment do you have? What do you do if it rains 2-3 days in a row, like in the spring?

    Homer( excellent idea), funny thing, I was thinking about how to get more cash flow this week. First I thought I would ask my customers for referrals, and put out flyers, but was concerened about rain, breakdowns, etc. that would get you behind real quick. This would hurt the quality job my customers have come to expect. I was talking to my son, and he thought that I could do more jobs for existing customers. They would probally really like this idea, and if problems with equiptment, rain, etc. I would not get too far behind. also, I realized that there is a lot of money right where I am at now, why try to get more accounts, and not have enough time to do the work. so I am going to "Concentrate on the dollars available at each location". :D :D
  8. linky

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    I say shoot for the 50 new accounts. Weed out the less desirable ones. Pay attention to the properties and look for things that need to be done. Leave some free time in your schedule for make- up work and odd jobs. And by all means keep your driving time to a minimum.
  9. dmk395

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    from Ma
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    Believe it or not most of my accounts are about 1/2 acre of grass. About 1/2 of those are accounts I also do cleanups and mulch for. I have started weeding out undesirables, but believe it or not I don't really have many more to weed out. Homer, I think you are right about capatilizing on the market I already have, which will occur if I get the pesticide license. Right now about 40 out of my 50 accounts already use Big Green or another pesticide company. Even if I can get 1/4of those on my program in year one, it will be a start. By the way how hard is pesticide application (meaning knowing when to put down what, or spray what)?
  10. bubble boy

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    not to steer this thread in the wrong direction, but had a couple thoughts about spraying.

    there is a thread about the potential banning of pesticides in the pesticide application forum. it hasn't had many responses. the potential problem in canada is the recent supreme court decision allowing a township to continue its ban on pesticide use. this happened a couple weeks ago, and i have since read of many other municipalities (including mine:mad: )considering a ban. this subject always comes to the forefront every few years but now it appears that there is actual legal precedent here to go thru with bans. weed man is embroiled in many legal fights right now, and surely more are to come.

    if its happening here, it could start down in the US.

    just my rambling thoughts.

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