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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SDNCLAWNCARE, Jun 29, 2006.


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    I will be starting my Lawn Care Service next year. Plus I still work my full time job during the week. My question is this: I only want 10-15 accounts next year plus some small landscaping, garden, jobs. What do I do if more people call? I don't want to give away business, but I also don't want to over extend myself. What do you guys suggest?

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    Raise your prices slightly about the time you get near your goal, so by the time you have 10-12, go up by about $5 a cut and your dilemma is fixed one way or the other.

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    I say answer every request for work with a YES. That way you will not be giving up any work. Now you will of course have too much to do and your customers will be pissed at you and your reputation will be ruined. But don't worry because you will have lots of free time to fix it as you will be fired because you will be so tired from working so hard that your performance at the other job will suffer and they will fire you.
    What do you think???
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    well if you are only looking for 10-15 customers im sure you wont be running weekly ads or yellow pages etc... going to be flyers then word of mouth and neighbors

    stop handing out flyers once u are close to the goal.... and when neighbors come up to you if they like your work just say this is only part time i like to spend more time on my current clients blah blah.... next year i might be expanding and would love to service your property if i decide to take that path

    or tell them you are full time and have no room for even one more house but you will be getting a worker next season
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    Assuming you are a great salesman find another lawn business and sell the accounts to him for a flat fee.
  6. J Hisch

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    I tell ya what to do. Dont get into business. Why on earth would any business man or woman alive say I only want this or that... If your looking for extra cash I can tell you a heck of alot more ways to make it than mowing lawns and doing some garden jobs. Business has to be Like texas hold em, it only gets exciting, and pays true dividends when your "ALL IN".
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    Subtle? ...NOT!

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    I feel that I answered the question with about the same thought that was put into it in the first place.
    All the new guys have got to realize that "WORK" is meaningless with out profit. There is no sense in working an extras 20-30 or 40 hours a week when you are spending 25 dollars an hour to work and charging 26. Or taking on all the work just to "think" you are doing good but in reality you are producing poor work at low prices with great output from you.
    If you want 20 dollars an hour- Every job that pays 19 is work you do not want.
    There was a guy on here that had a sig line--" I would rather go broke sitting at home watching TV than go broke working my butt off"
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    I like that, a friend of mine says it this way: Well if I'm going to work for free, I can do that sleeping.

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