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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by 24D, Jul 5, 2014.

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    Can those with experience please pm me some info. Looking to add 400-500 next year. Will share how to save 20% on fertilizer in exchange.
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    Add 5 lbs. sugar to urea per acre. Liquid spray before a nice rain. Hard to be everywhere at once when you got 4-500 accounts. 46-0-0 will disappear almost instantly in water. Weigh urea and add water in equal parts, add lots of carrier, add in 5 lbs sugar per acre.Early spring app is fading fast now, but only sprayed once this year at 100 lbs. 46-0-0/acre in 50 gallons of solution total/acre.

    You can't get what ain't there, but you can try to control efficiency of what you do have. feed your brain today.
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    Gosh. That sounds about impossible. Who wants that many clients anyways?
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    Just looking for some tips. I will be using Planimeter measuring app and giving estimates over phone. Getting to the new customers in at least a a week or two seems like a challenge. Currently i am training two applicators to take over my current base. I will run the new routes myself so i can adjust pricing and address special needs.
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    Should i just go ahead and get another tech in place? Anyone with experince running a route and answering that much call volume at the same time?
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    There's one person in this thread you should talk to. I'm not telling you who he is. You have to figure it out

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    no secret. market very heavy and have a large marketing campaign timed as close to spring as you can and get ready for the phones to explode. EDDM post cards. door hangers. advertising shoppers. Again a large advertising budget and timing then get ready for the phones to roll
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    Sugar huh? I'm sure it helps the weed control stick to the weeds. Interesting

    I didn't see anything in that article you provided the link for about adding sugar? Where did you get this idea from?
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