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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Hartzog, May 1, 2007.

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    i've been around alot, ya'll know. and i went back and looked at my post last night. i realized that my post were spead over several years and i can tell the difference.

    some made me laugh, cause i can remember how stressed, frustrated, depressed, or whatever. i still can't figure out why some of ya'll thought i was not real or making stuff up. if you knew me you'd not be surprized.

    over the years, whenever i've had a question, mostly i would just look at your posts, cause you have some of the same questions or concerns. i can see some of you were concerned about me as well. i am bi-polar and it is nice to see that even before i knew it, people like you were posting supportive messages.

    i am doing well, working hard, and even if you don't see me, i am lurking here and there. i still think this is the best site. i get a kick out of some of your posts. i know ya;ll get a kick out of some of mine:)

    i just wanted to thank everyone and tell you that you've all been really helpfull, even if you didn't know it. and as you can see from my more recent posts...i've quit tring too hard and just started trying 'just right'. i think least i don't think i sound crazy anymore. maybe i do and i don't know it...i will sound crazy a little...ok, maybe more than a little...ok maybe i haven't changed and i just know how to write better. weird stuff always happens to wife wants to write my life story.

    thanks everyone.
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    God bless you my friend, my wife and daughter both take Lithium for Bipolar Dissorder so I am very familiar with this condition.
    Bipolar people are very intelligent my wife can read a 500 page book in a night while I would have problems with a chapter because of my mind wondering. The Lithium level has to be correct in their blood stream or they are on a roller coaster wanting to work all day and all night.

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