Growth Inhibitors?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TaylorLawn, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. TaylorLawn

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    I am toying with the idea of applying some growth inhibitor next season to some ditches to reduce growth in two of my larger accounts...I want to make sure that it still looks green and healthy, but also reduce some trimming time....these ditches get extremely thick and hard to manage and I feel that applying something of this nature would assist in time management....does anyone have any experiences to share regarding growth inhibitors or regulators???? Thanks, Eric
  2. Ric

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    Depending on the type of turf you are dealing with Growth Regulars can be very cheap to apply or expensive. Primo is the most common one used on turf and shrubs. Benefits are to numerous to list all. But the bottom line is dark green strong health plants.

    Type of grass you wish to treat is important in choosing a growth regular. Round Up can in fact be used as a growth regular. It is not what you use sometimes. It is how you use it. Citrus growers have used Round up as a Growth Regular for many years to control grass between their trees. Paspahum grass species response well to Round Up as a growth regular.
  3. TaylorLawn

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    The turf I am referring to is centipede, which I am sure is prevelant in your location, as mine. Ive asked a couple of LCO's around here (that I trust) about it and none seem to use anything like it, but they liked the idea for the ditches. Ill check out the Primo, have you ever used Embark?
  4. ProMo

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    i used embark on bahia and st aug at a cemetery a few years ago only problem i had was the grass stopped growing but weeds were popping up left and right saved a lot of time cut my string trimming from 3-4 hrs a week down to 15 minutes
  5. SWD

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    Depending on label requirements in your state, pgr or tgr product use should assist your efforts.
    The real main difference between a plant growth regulator and a total growth regulator is where each chemical 'works' in the target host as well as residual factors. In a simplified manner, say you can use Primo - a pgr, it typically triggers a response in turf like this: foliar growth markedly diminished, agressive lateral tillering, ie denser growth without the vertical height - need for mowing. Your problem with pgr's comes from undesired, off target effects like those mentioned - Primo doesn't effect weeds at all, or actually very little. So if your ditch is more like a swale wherein it is all turfgrass and irrigated, dependent upon label requirements, you could use a pgr.
    Now a total growth regulator acts in a different manner in the host: decreased root structure, decreased foliar mass, often a marked color change mimicking a dormant stage, and typically a longer residual time effect. The good thing with a tgr is that most weeds are usually effected right along with the target being sprayed.
    All this being said, if the potential for run off exists into a water source, the off target effects of pgr/tgr and glyosphate or ascephate compounds to avain and fish life is nothing short of devistating.
    I recommend checking with the local DOT or county road maintenance personnel. They spray roadsides all the time, more typically a state dot does than county, so I would start with the state dot first.
    Provided a chemical is mentioned, I would still check for correct labelling as some state dept's are exempted from label requirements, yet commercial users are not.
  6. devildog

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    Can you provide examples, as in what genus groups, show the "marked color change mimicking a dormant stage". With Regards... devildog
  7. GroundKprs

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    "Growth regulators" have a long history. As Ric stated, Roundup was found to work as a growth regulator at special rates on certain plants in certain settings. First and second classes of regulators still have a definite function in some areas, but third class, like Primo, will give good results in most turf areas.

    Too much info to try to give it all here. Suggest you start with your state extension office to learn what is most functional for your intended application.
  8. Ric

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    Primo is great on shrubs also to promote inward growth. If you can see thru the hedge and don't want to, try Primo.

    The cost of applying PGR verses benefits is a hard sell. High chem. cost versus labor saving is an intangible figure. However property mangers that use PGR claim there crews have more time for other jobs. GR are one of the least used chemicals in our industry. Why? Because they are the least understood by the general public.

    Tremor tried to promote PGRs last spring on this site. Stone jumped in and the pro's and con's of Snake Oil were a heated debate. Do a search under primo or Tremor to find it.
  9. TaylorLawn

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    I appreciate all of the great educational statements....this will definately help me make my decision, I do want to inhibit the total growth in these areas, weeds and all, but I do not want to dramatically change the color......would using less than the recommended concentrate help with some color control??...your replies are great tools to use..Thank you so much, Eric
  10. CSRA Landscaping

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    If a novice could offer an idea, I'll try. I've only been at this a little over two years now so take this for what it's worth. I'm planning on implementing pgr use next year so I've been looking at this too.

    Seems to me that you'd want to keep the work down while retaining the desired (green) look. If you use something that will cause it to look dormant (tgr) then you're going to lose the desired appearance. Why not give a one, two punch. Knock out your weeds, so they become a non-issue, then apply your pgr.

    Also, I didn't think primo was a pgr that was effective on ornamentals? I know that Embark is, that's what I'm looking at using.

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