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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Frontstreetlawns, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Frontstreetlawns

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    I was just curious if anyone out the has treid those growth regulators to keep a tree or a shrub from growing. Is there side effect to it? Im trying to stop some flowering cherries from growing so i dont need to prune them.
  2. CA CLT

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    Yes! We used them as far back as 1988, but only on a few hedges that were a real PITA to deal with. This was back before there were any articulating hedge trimmers, or at least before we had seen any. The stuff works, but IMO it definitely is not healthy for the ornamentals. It is basically controlled poisoning. The shurbs will defoliate after application and also will have burned leaves. Many also take on strange growth characteristics, particularly the Texas Wax Leaf Privets. By the time you purchase the product, take the time to apply it, I don't think you are that far ahead in productivity on the few trimmings it will save you in a growing season. Where we used it was on big ladder work type hedges that were very time consuming. They have their place I suppose, but only for those hedge trimming jobs that are very burdensome.
  3. txgrassguy

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    There are multiple growth regulators on the market now.
    Applied properly these regulators will save you a great deal of money.
    For instance, a crew of three takes one full day once every 4 weeks to trim the shrubs at a apartment complex my company does.
    I applied Cutlass granular growth regulator and my crew hasn't touched any trimming in over four months.
  4. CA CLT

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    That is what I found, is that it saves 3-4 trimmings per year. Depending on how extensive that is on a project, it can be a significant time saver. However, initial application takes about as long as one of the trimmings. Then one must factor in the cost of the product as well and compare that to labor savings. At the end of the day, the net savings is not all that great. Use of growth regulators can shorten your work day in the hot summer months, in some areas that is important.

    I think they have their place, but because of how the ornamentals react to it, I think the products should be used somewhat sparingly. You certainly don't want to go out and use these products on every job that has a few neatly trimmed shrubs. You want to make sure you weigh application man hours and product expense into your overall analysis too.
  5. txgrassguy

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    Application effort of the newer varieties of granular growth regulators is exceedingly effortless.
    The extensive landscapes surrounding nine extremely high end condos in one complex my company maintains took 2.5 labor hours.
    Factor in material cost of the growth regulator at $111.00 for a five pound pail and it equates to a no brainer for me.
    However, correct application takes into account possible phytotoxicity side effects yet I have not observed any with the Cutlass.

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