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These sorts of posts are inappropriate and off-topic. Please restraint yourself in the future against making such negative posts. <p>Turfquip -- Chuck and I have worked very hard to build this site, and continue to do so. I do apologize for missing your post, I do not regularly have time to read each post, and neither does he. However, at the same time I must let you know that while your offer is appreciated, I refuse to take part in such a thoughtless discussion the entire goal of which is to badmouth people who work very hard and deserve all the respect they can get. <p>Any further posts advertising or referring to the roundtable will be deleted as advertising and spam. You have been warned.<p><p>Sincerely,<p><br>Vladislav <br>---<br>Vladislav Davidzon &lt;davidzon@globalreaction.com&gt;<br>Systems Engineer & Partner<br>Global Reaction Network<br>


LawnSite Senior Member
southern ohio
Being new to this forum and new to the Internet in general, I will consider myself to be a little ignorant. However, some of us who were trying to read this post may be alarmed at the censorship that goes on here. I suppose it would make more sense to me if I had the opportunity to read what was posted. At this point I'll have to trust the administrator but it is obvious that this medium is not as free as I thought.


OSC.. this is as free as it gets. I have never asked a forum member to contribute a single dime.<p>The topic was way off base and had nothing to do with commercial lawn care.<p>


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
I applaud davidzon for staying out of the so-called roundtable, reminds me of the steel cage death matches on WWF.<p>Maybe his integrity is one reason why Lawnsite is far and away the most successful lawn forum.<p>Bill


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
I agree, this site is great and if the administrators let the users have free reign and post any topic they please no one will spend time here. I don't feel it to be censorship at all just looking out for the good of the group. Thanks.


LawnSite Silver Member
actually, the &quot;right to free speech&quot; does not apply to private &quot;forums&quot; (and I don't mean specifically internet forum). the owner of any private &quot;forum&quot; IE, newspaper, radio whatever, has the right to &quot;edit&quot; it's content as the owner sees fit.<p>for those that want to exercise the right to free speech, you may aquire the &quot;forum&quot; of your choice (letter, telephone, your own computer forum, stand on the court house steps, whatever) and bellow from the gut all that you'd like others to hear. now thats &quot;free speech&quot;.<p>good day to all.<p>GEO


LawnSite Member
Evansville, IN
The title for this forum states:<p>&quot;This forum is a place to discuss the commercial aspect of the business. Please keep discussions related to commercial lawn care.&quot;<p>If someone choses to place a post on this forum unrelated to the above &quot;mission&quot;, I believe the admin has a right to delete it, if it is not related to the mission.<p>It is amazing the number of adolescent replies to posts...I think users should keep in mind the idea respecting other people, even it they think it is a &quot;stupid&quot; question.<p>----------<br>D. Tom<br>