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    I am a registered coonass and I can tell you New Orleans is not really authentic louisiana for many reasons. If it has any relation to food or culture in Louisiana we celebrate it and teach our kids the history of how we ended up here. Sorry about your kids, where did you relocate?

    On another note I have several other large trees in my yard that have grass all the way to the trunk, some are oaks, cypress, pecan, and ash. I wonder why the grass is flourishing on them and not on the two in the front. I think the ones in the front are pin oaks at least that is what I call them, the kind that make several acorns but they are real small and the bark is real smooth. Its not the water oak (evangelline Oak) that are at LSU campus.
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    SA will survive with 4 to 6 hours of sun even if some of it is filtered. Exposure under trees can happen if the canopy is higher with some morning or evening sun, Branch and leaf density and so forth. Obviously, the less time exposure the less filtered the sun needs to be.
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    Re-read my post where I say the small town festivals have History. I spend more Fat Tuesdays in New Rhodes or Lafayette than I did in the French Quarter. However I did a 6 month intership in New Orleans (the City without Care). Got to admit it is one big party place.

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    I'm referring to using pre-m once you get the grass to grow... establishing grass in the shade is simple, but one needs to not cause it to decline into non-existance again...
    The fertilizer reference wasn't for bare soil either... forcing topgrowth in the shade to get beautiful color is a death nell...

    I am referring to the complete lifecycle of the forestlawn as a whole... there are no tricks or gimmicks that one can do to make it work... any deviation from grass' natural ability to survive in a particular environment, reduces its chances of survival... it is a complete package that doesn't involve the typical full sun turf that has become so artificially maintained, that growth in the shade has become an impossible endeavor...

    For that reason, the introduction of root inhibitor to forestlawn is a deal breaker... :)
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    True enough. I avoid treating lawns under trees in General and only lightly in the transition from sun to shade.
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    Funny you should mention that because I am Asian. I don't think she will experience the things your kids did as maybe people have progressed a little. There are probably some that still think that way but she will be around more well rounded and educated people.
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    Ar. and Ric,
    You guys are Asian dissent? That is Awesome........(no, I am a Caucasian but attended ASU in Jonesboro, Arkansas....home of the Red Wolf where the campus is predominant Middle Eastern, Asian, some Spanish, and Caucasian.)

    Anyway, I have seen grass grow under large mature oak trees. The trick is to raise that canopy and clear obstructions in all corners to speed sunlight penetration. The ASU campus has fully matured oaks, pecan, cherry............all major Arkansas native trees for the Horticultural Department to educate with. There is Zoysia grasses growing under them. Where all else fails, there is fescues where the irrigation reaches.

    All else,
    Just food for normal residential settings, without automatic irrigation, the attempt to establish turfgrass is futile. Im my short lived attempts to earn a decent grade in Ag. the thing to consider is the pH, the soil tilth, the nutrient deficiencies that appear around trees as a result of their massive wicking action and nutrient depletion. I find it too troublesome to compete with trees and grass in the same space. I often resort to the Southern Hillbilly anecdote of hunting---" Does grass grow under trees in the forest?" The answer is no-----too much light reduction, and over grown canopies to compete for light. Often some species of trees emit a toxin to control undergrowth and competing species of trees from growing. To me it no different that grass is in competition. If someone has a big pocket book with money falling out of it.............then go for it!!
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    I have never had an issue being Amerasian. I pass for white. because I am only 1/4 Asian. My children are 5/8 Asian because their Mother is 100% Asian. But My point here is I had many Asian or Part Asian Friends in Baton Rouge. They all felt or expressed a feeling of being discriminated against because they were not pure White. Universities are Liberal and I don't think your daughter will feel any racial pressure from her Colleagues. However Old perjury are slow to Die. I think she will find Asian living in Baton Rouge for several years will tell her they have been effected by racism.

    One reoccurring theme of Racism that I heard from many friends was Job promotions. My Ex has 17 letters behind her workaholic name. Yet she was passed over multiply times for promotions that went to lesser qualified WHITE people. We came back to Florida for a wedding and fact finding. she applied and got a supervisors Job at twice the money.

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    Ric, i bet all of those people who said that to your daughter would love to know her now...
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    My daughter graduated from ASU this past summer 2012. She got into LSU Vet school and will be there the next 4 years.

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