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    TOTALLAWN OF KY LawnSite Member
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    Can i treat a lawn infested with grubs and still seed it.
    will the grub control hurt germination??
    dylox?? any suggestions??
    man I'm having a tough time trying to do all this seeding with new help !!
    its all this stupid simple stuff that I'm missing!!! grrr!!
  2. Rtom45

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    Check your labels, they'll tell you exactly when you can and can't.
  3. James Cormier

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    By reading some of your other posts, Im going to guess your gonna slice seed. That maybe a problem just because the turf may not be stong enough to hold up to the sliceing. I can remember doing a aeration on a grub damaged lawn and the turf just rolling up along with the aerator.

    As far a dylox goes, It will not effect your seed.

    If you are able to aerate or slice the turf without damage, then do that first, before the dylox. This will allow the product to get to where it needs to faster, and not too much will get tied up in the thatch
  4. Hamons

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    Water is the main problem with dylox an seeding. If you spray the dylox and then start daily watering you will be pushing that Dylox right through the soil profile and grubs will be unaffected.

    What i did this year was use Dylox at max rate and then waited 2 weeks and seeded yesterday. This worked well.
  5. gscone

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    Just wanted to know, Where can you purchase Dylox in liquid form? You mentioned the word spray. Please advise.
  6. Hamons

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    Be advised that I am an idiot who often does not think. I have only used Dylox granular.
  7. TSM

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    trichlorfon(dylox) can be had in liquid formulation but probably not under the name of 'dylox'

    Ask your dealer for sprayable trichlorfon

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