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    What does anyone think about the timing of grub control this year since the weather seems to be about a month ahead of normal?

    Normally, I apply Merit in mid to late July as a preventative that kills any eggs present. However, i am wondering if the life-cycle this year has been pushed up. Meaning that eggs are hatching "early" and Merit isn't great control of existing grubs.


    I know many people wait for grub damage to start and treat. I am just more procative than reactive. I have an irrigated lawn while my neighbors do not. I swear I see those beetles eying my lawn!

    One last thing: I usually split a 50 lb. Merit with my neighbor, but he is doing the organic thing. Will the half bag I have left from last season still be good? The bag is sealed well, but has been in a garage since last Summer/Fall.

    P.S. My local extension is pretty low-budget and they haven't returned my phone calls about this. Sigh...
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    Can't see where u are from. I'm in MA jap beetles are out a week ahead, you do have some time to put it down after they come up. How big is your lawn? Yes as long as you store the bag according to directions u should be all set. Imidicloprid has no effect whatsoever on an active grub infestation that's where dylox comes in.

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