Grub damage, opinions? (pics)

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by cobalt135, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. cobalt135

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    Ok, what I thought was just drought damage seems to be grubs. Today I was out in the lawn and it had that squishy carpet feeling and tons of little "holes" from the birds and some small animal damage in a few areas. I peeled back the damaged area and came up with what is in the pics. Now, I plan to treat the area this week with that Bayer 24hour grub stuff (Dylox/trichlorton I think). We have rain in the forcast so I would like to do it before it sets in so the chemicals can be watered in. I am not so sure about watering it in from the well supply because the water is pretty darn hard and I think I read that it will decrease the effectiveness of the product?

    That seems to be the straightforward part. Now, is the turf too damaged that it will not grow back? Just sweeping my foot across the areas the damaged turf just pulls right up. I am reluctant to seed because the temps here in West central Ohio are dropping and fear that if I do get some germination and it starts growing it will be killed by the low temps or frost? Should I just treat it now for the grubs and leave it until next spring and skip the Pre-emergence and seed then and then just spot spray for crabgrass when it appears?

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    Much of that will not come back- there is no root left on the plant. I would go ahead and seed right now. The air temps don't matter too much- the soil temps are still plenty warm enough for good germnation. Next spring, you can go ahead with your pre-m program.
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    use the grub control. Wait a couple days & then do a lawn renovation.
  4. cobalt135

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    Thanks guys. Now I just need to do a little research on what grass types are in the lawn so I can get a good match with the existing grasses.

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    I'm thinking in your area you need to go to Nicklaus' alma mater.

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