Grub Education Badly Needed

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by ed2hess, Sep 18, 2012.

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    I have inspected several St Augustine lawns that are clearly in some type of decline. I look at the roots and they are almost gone. I always find at least one grub but seldom more than a couple. I also see a lot of little ants of some type not fire ants. Also I see little baby pill bugs. And when I walk over these areas they are spongy.

    What is the life cycle of grubs now considering the warmer temps. Maybe i also look after they all flew the coop. All that is left is a bunch of eggs and dying grass. Then the little eggs hatch and they eat some more.

    Just in case will Aloft LCG give me some coveage for a few months so that I can lay new sod and not get it ate up.
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    Some type of decline is not a good way to solve a problem. Roots are gone but onyx a coupe of grubs? May may not be the problem.Root rot? Grey leaf spot melt down? Lack of water? Too much water? Too much shade? Ph bad? With all of your post I would hope you have figured out some problems that happen in your area. If you haven't by now I don't see much hope tor you. Good luck.

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