Grub shield and ORMI cert Fungus and insect control results.

Mr Efficiency

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On June 29th I applied Grub shield, .75 oz/1,000 sqft and a certified organic Neem oil, Fungus & insect Control application 1 oz per 1,000 sqft to my back yard only and not the front yard. I did the grub shield to my entire lawn and when doing the back yard I mixed in neem oil, the front lawn I did not do with neem oil.

I did apply a natural grub control application on my entire lawn. Same product I used last year and I did not have any grub issues or fungus issues.

I mow my lawn with the same lawn mower front and back, lawn area in front and back or both the same turf type, the same amount of sun light, have same soil and are watered on occasion the same.

My Front lawn got a fungus bad, no fungus at all in the back lawn areas, none at all anywhere.

I am convinced the neem oil did work as a preventative Fungus Control application. The ortho hose-end sprayer really did work good for applying both products.

Also I use the neem oil in my garden as a fungus and insect control and it works really good and I use the ortho hose-end sprayer also.
So much easier than mixing the product up in a backpack sprayer and you don't need to put in any surfactant or soap in the ortho house end sprayer.

I did apply a Neem oil application to my front lawn on Aug 12 at 1 oz per 1k to cure the fungus and 10 days before that I applied CarbonProG also.

June 29 pict

Aug 10 pict

Aug 12 I applied neem oil to front lawn to cure the fungus.
Yes I applied it in my sandles, good cure for athletes foot fungus. Lol

Lawn pictures from two days ago.
Front lawn

Back lawn