Grub treatments part of your basic program?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. grassmasterswilson

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    Like the title states. You include grub treatments in your basic program? I'm slowly reaching 100 clients on top of my mowing clients and offer a basic 6 step program. It includes pre, fert, post, and lime for fescue.

    I've never treated for grubs. I actually don't see a lot of grub problems, but maybe I don't know what to look for.

    I take disease apps on an as needed basis and don't have a disease program. I've been lucky and don't encounter much large patch. Our brown patch is pretty bad, but by the time it comes out the heat is taking its toll on fescue.

    So I have my basic program. It is too late for this year, but figured grubs and disease could be upsales. I could do one grub treatment and I figure 2-3 disease apps (brown patch on fescue in summer and warm season could get a fall preventative and 1-2 spring apps)

    What do you guys think? That the best way to handle it? I feel the majority of my customers might go for the grub treatment but not the disease. Maybe they say no to the disease upsale package and if something shows up charge them extra for the one time app.
  2. Greenery

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    Grub treatment are not a part of our standard program.

    We also never try and sell anything that's not needed such as a grub treatment. I also rarely ever see problems associated with grubs.

    Some other climates may have a problem requiring regular treatments but that has not been my experience in the MSP area.
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  3. inzane

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    i would only treat a lawn for grubs that has enough of them where there would be a need to treat for it. why treat for something that isn't a problem? seems dis-honest to the customer, its the trugreen way. (and they didn't even include that in the basic program) just my opinion though.
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  4. WildLake

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    I sell a merit with high potassium app as grub insurance and to add some increased drought tolerance. It's much cheaper to prevent than to repair. With grubs, customers won't call about a problem till the damage is done(only takes a couple weeks for serious damage to occur) A little more than half go for that app.
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  5. WildLake

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    The worst damage is from skunks, coon, etc. trying to get at the grubs. Had 3, 1ac lots look just like a tiller was used on them last year. These were really nice lawns totally ruined in a week. Other times I just get dead turf patches which require renovation also. That's why I recommend that app to all customers.
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  6. Greenery

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    Speaking of critters digging for food I once had a customer call up to come take a look at their sod they just had installed.

    I arrive and walk into the back yard and every roll iof sod was perfectly rolled back up. At first they thought some neighbor kids were pranking them, so they rolled it back out only to discover the same thing the next morning. As you probably allready know the critters were rolling them up to feast away.
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  7. WildLake

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    Wow, thats wild. Atleast your customer could roll the sod back out!
  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Same here no real issues with grubs that I have noticed in 3 years doing this. So not offering in pkg. Disease issues I treat in an on-demand fashion.
  9. jbell36

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    this is a great question...most all companies around here have it in their basic program, i'm in-between what i think about it...would most lawns be ok without it? probably...but is it worth one app. a year to have that reassurance? probably...the good thing is grub control cost is now right inline with all the other apps, so it's not an app. that is going to be twice as expensive or bring the average for each app. up...the issue is selling it to customers, it's just one more app. you have to include...offering 8 apps for instance is harder to sell than 5 or 6, even if the overall price is the same
  10. ant

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    add on unless they have had problems in the past and need it..

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