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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JConner, Dec 30, 2010.

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    I just had to replace some irrigation pipe and I found a lot of grubs in the soil on a floratam yard is this somthing I should be concerned about if so how should I treat?
    Thanks for any help
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    With the cold temps they should be deep in the soil and not feeding on the turf roots and also tough to get chemicals down that deep to treat em, a pro would wait until it warms up a bit, maybe water the turf to bring them up and help move the pesticide Dy$%x through the soil profile and water it in after application as well.
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    i was thinking the same thing i would think with our temps being so low the last few weeks they should be pretty deep in the soil.
  4. tallrick

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    My parent's yard has been infested with Ligyrus subtropicus for some time. The zoysia always ends up loose and dying by June. They are impossible to get rid of permanently. I have even tried milky spore and they keep coming back. I guess it is only possible to control them not eliminate them. They even live in the backyard where there is no grass only trees. My yard never has them, and I never could figure out why. The most effective treatment for getting rid of them seemed to be bulldozing and tilling the soil, after which I re-planted the zoysia in 1993 and grubs did not return till 2001. Birds seemed to pick through the soil and I just kept turning the piles daily for a week. Neighboring yards where no irrigation takes place never have grub infestations.
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    The sugar cane grub is a huge problem in the field. Don't give up--keep the milky spore coming. Pathogenic fungi and pathogenic nematodes also kill some grubs--but online info agrees with you--in sugarcane--no chemicals seem to work--and the biological methods are spotty at best. Not listed on the label, but perhaps you can try the newest poduct, Aceleprin by Dupont. Be sure to apply at the most favorable time--when the grubs are small. And be sure to water-in to the max suggested.
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