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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by SidelinePropMgr, Jul 24, 2008.

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    I have a high end customer that has grubs in her flowerbeds. I treat the lawns are there have been no signs of damage to the lawns or the beds but, she is requesting a grub treatment for the flowerbeds also. I told that if no damage is being done, do not wish to waste the money or the chemical but she insists. Can anyone give me an idea of what can be done?
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    Though they wont do any damage to the flowerbed areas, i've had the same issues with customers worried about them in the beds too :rolleyes: unbelievable i know. I have gone through beds in august when they have started maturing past early instars and just spread dylox. done.
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    Sevin is a good & safe product to apply. We run into the same requests every year. People start digging & find grubs. Grubs have to eat something in order to survive (even though they may not be causing much turf damage). To appease the homeowner, you can use a belly spreader and apply 10% Sevin granules. It's short-lived in the soil, but it should make your customer happy.:) Plus Sevin kills other bugs, and you can use it in garden ares too..
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    my first suggestion would be granular Sevin as well. But you could also consider Merit, as a soil drench or a deep root injection (assuming you are set up to do this). This would provide lasting protection for the ornamentals, albeit not the ideal time of year. However, if your customer knows you offer this service, this could end up being a repeat sale, every year.

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