Grubs in October (NJ)..What should I do?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by nos3stg, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. nos3stg

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    I'm getting ready to Aerate, seed, and fertilize my lawn for the fall. The other day I found a few white grubs just under the surface. I live in NJ so I thought that they might die this winter and it may not be worth treating them now. Should I treat for them before I do my fall prep or just do the prep and let them die this winter? or would this be a good time to lay down a slow release grub killer for next season?
  2. Mscotrid

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    You can always find grubs in a lawn, the question is how much pressure do you have? Normally 1 or 2 is nothing to get excited about. if you see a population of 8-9-10or above a square foot you should be concerned.

    The best curative product on the market is the old proven performer Dylox applied at 3lb actual per thousand and needs to water aggressively.
  3. Rtom45

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    Also, remember that grubs survive the winter. Although you're a little late, you should treat them this fall. Among other products, Sevin is labelled for control of grubs.
  4. Pilgrims' Pride

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    Dylox is the best product I have found for grubs at this time of year.
    Just be sure to water it in properly.
  5. shadoweaglebear

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    it all depends on what kind of grubs you have. black turfgrass antenius is out now and some chinch bugs are out now also. if that is the problem, then put down marit or mock 2 if you have a liscense. if not, just keep up on your fertillization.
  6. Pilgrims' Pride

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    I don't know about NJ but here it is WAY to late for merit and Mach II doesnt work woth a darn.

  7. Runner

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    Sevin is NOT labeled to control grubs.
    NOW is the time to control them because this is when they are and will be doing all their damage. When they are in theor 3rd instar, and come back up in the spring, they don't feed enough to really do any damage. Besides that, by then all their damage is done. earlier in another thread, someone had recommended putting down Merit in the spring. This is incorrect, allso, because that is ay too early. It will not affect the large adult grubs that are resurfacing from overwintering, and it will be all dissolved by the time the new ones hatch out in July-August.
  8. trimmasters

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    Reread your Sevin lable, im pretty sure grubs are on there, though im thinking you need 6oz per thousand
  9. blue bull

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    Use Dylox now and water it in. Mach 2 is a prevenative and must be put down around May- June time frame. When they are laying eggs is the besy time.
  10. Grandview

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    Mach 2 and Merit only work on first enstar grubs(right after egg hatch). If you are seeing grubs it is too late for these products. Dylox is your best option. I would treat if you have a lot of grubs and skunks or raccoons are doing significant damage looking for grubs.

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