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    How do you know if a lawn is going to have a grub infestation or not? Which lawns do you apply treatments to and which don't get treatments? Will explain why i posted this tread after i hear a little feed back.
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    kinda like buying insurance.....i dont know if i'll be in a car accident, i dont plan on being in a car accident, i hope i'm not in a car accident.....but if it happens, i'm covered.

    we recommend a grub preventative treatment (this is one area where we do not practice 'true' IPM)
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    Beetle activity as you are walking through the lawn is a good time to mention Merit, but with urgency. Otherwise do a curative treatment with Dylox when turf damage appears (here that is usually in September). Ultimately the homeowner is responsible for their lawn. You can only advise.
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    every yard will have some form of grub ins it. the key is when there is so many grubs in a sq. ft is when control is needed.
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    If you have plants that the adult beetles feed on, or Pheramone (sex lure) traps like bag a bug traps you are at risk to have grubs as the adults will lay eggs near the feeding site. The adult beetles prefer to lay their eggs in sunny locations, and you will not find many grubs in shady lawns. If you want to sell a grub preventive like Merit or Mach II, the lawns that are in sunny areas near any food source should be treated.......and use your best judgement for treating areas less likely to be attacked.

    Pete D.
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    Does Dylox kill adult beetles, is that why u can use it in Sept? I didnt know there was something to use once damage to lawn is apparant.
    Use beneficial nematodes on grubs when they are in the larva stage. I get mine from The Bug Factory. They work on Weevils too.
    When checking for grubs you really only have to treat if you find 25 per square foot or more. Grub treatment was big business in Ontario and I miss it out here on the west coast. (money wise). Where I used to live pretty much every lawn had to be treated or it would show damage, esp from the skunks! (they dig for grubs) :p

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    We just had a class at the University of Kentucky Agriculture Reseach Dept. and that question was ask to us by one of the (bug) Professors and pretty much we said the same things as you guys did.
    The reseachers are working on a trap for the male Chafer beetle that will let us know if that lawn will be infested with grubs or not depending on how many male Chafer beetle are in the trap.
    So are next question was would the trap attract others chafer beetles from far away much like Japanese beetles traps work. The professors said that they had developed it that it works only in a small areas much like the average size lawn. They have great success so far with these traps and hopecfully in the near future we will be able to get are hands on this new product.
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    tsm hit it on the head sell the insurance to those who want it those who dont will pay the cost later!!! im in this to provide a good lawn thats weed and insect free ... better safe than sorry bluegrass is more liked by grubs here in kentucky .. ive not seen much fescue damaged here but i like money so i sell it to all my accounts that can afford it... grub damaged lawns are a pain to fix and very costly
    are you licened in ky??
    they spent about an hour on grubs before testing??
    well good luck
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    Actually 10 to 12 per ft2 is the recommended economic threshhold, not that it matters though.

    Ill never forget this freaky customer I once had...called me several weeks after a grub app. because she still had grubs. Went over to see, looked where she was planting some plants, and showed her the ONE grub she found, was already dead.......

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