1. Crewcutlawncare

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    I have a customer that has a real big grub issue. She just started noticing signs of this problem last summer about the time of August. I know that I can't treat it right now because I don't have a license, but if and when I do, what is the best thing to apply to kill them and get rid of them at this time of the year? I also plan on aerating and over-seeding, and also removing all of the dead and decaying grass matter.
  2. upidstay

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    1st make sure they are actually there. If everybody who thought they had grubs actually had them ,we'd be hip deep in the critters. Most mis-diagnosed lawn problem there is. People see any sort of lawn problem, they assume grubs.
    Look for signs of animal activity. Crows, skunks, racoons, and others like to eat grubs. They will pluck chunks of sod out to get at them. Pull on the turf. If it pull right upm, and you see a grub, then treat for them.
    Use Dylox for active infestations. Make sure you water it in thoroughly within 48-72 hours.
    Then in the end of june, treat it with a fertilizer/merit combo. Grub Ex will work too, just fetrtilize at the same time. This will encourage the plant to take up the Merit. Also make sure you water it in thoroughly.
    Continue to treat with Merit every year at the same time. Don't switch to Mach2. It sucks.
  3. cenlo

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    Will Dylox acually kill the adults that overwintered? I thought you can only treat grubs in mid summer during the new hatch.
  4. philk17088

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    Dylox works but by law you can't leave the property until it is watered in.
    I assume you have a liscense?
    Sevin will work also but again, it must be watered in to be effective.
    Grubs that come up in the spring usually don't damage turf too much because of the vigourous growth and frequent moisture, BUT! This year could be different. There was an extraordianry amount of grubs last year and a very mild winter (at least here in PA) So numbers of spring grubs will be high enough to do signicant damage. I have found them right at the surface already feeding away next to damaged areas from last year.
    I'm finding a lot of sodwebworm activity already too.
    this should be a real interesting season.
  5. LawnTamer

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    ditto what UPIDSTAY said, drought, fungus, billbug and sod webworm damage are often mis-diagnosed as grubs, there are pics and descriptions on our website of actual grub damage and other problems.
  6. dcondon

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    OK here is a question.... Can grubs hill fruit trees:confused: I got some fruit trees yesterday at our local nursery and brought them home. As I was digging to plant them I noticed 3-4 white grubs. I went back into the nursery today and ask them if they had anything to get rid of them and they told me they will not hurt fruit tree roots just grass roots!!:confused:
  7. JWTurfguy

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    Do the research and you'll find that, at best, you get maybe 50% control even with Dylox in the spring. The problem is that the grubs you have in the spring are at their full-size just before becoming beetles and are therefore less susceptible to insecticides. Insecticides for grubs (such as Dylox) are only meant to control them in their younger stages.
  8. Runner

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    We have found this exact same thing...We have had ALOT of new damage this spring. They come up with a veracious appetite, and though they only feed or a "short" time, they did do alot. I consider this based on the amount of grubs there were as well.

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