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  1. philk17088

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    Dag nabit! Bad enough that I can barely get my visit 2's in. Went to do a 1.5 acre lawn and found grubs 3/4-1" size destroying 2/3s of the lawn. I never had a spring grub problem like this before.

    I bought dylox and am waiting for the chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon to put it on. There is that pesky part of the label about mandatory watering before leaving the site. I thought about Mach 2 but I don't think it will be that effective.
    God I hate dylox :realmad:
  2. Nathan Robinson

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    good plan of action................
  3. RigglePLC

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    Take a look at Arena insecticide for grubs from Arysta Life Science. Newer better and possibly will clean up in a curative situation. Not sure if they recommend it for a spring treatment. Chemistry is neonicotiniod similar to Merit.

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  5. mkroher

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    Isn't talstar labeled for grubs? I would think it would need lots of water as a carrier if it is.

    You say there is spring damage? Was this your customer last year? Why didn't you see the damage last year? Surely those grubs now are a lot less hungry now than they were last fall.

    Why kill them anyways.. they're almost done. You have to fix the lawn anyways.

    If it was my customer, I'd explain the life cycle to her, and tell her I'd do an extra better job with the merit.

    2/3's of an 1.5 acre lawn is being eaten alive? I'd like to see pictures.
  6. NattyLawn

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    I had to apply Dylox last Friday. Nowhere close to 2/3 of an acre (about 2k). With how weird are weather has been the last 2 years, spring grub damage doesn't surprise me anymore.
  7. philk17088

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    There was no damage last year at all. htese grubs are feeding heavily but randomly over the whole lawn. 2 foot square patches with 10-12 grubs in each patch, the patches are space widely apart.
    I will not fix the lawn, why would I do that? Not my fault.
    The only time I fix grub damage is if they took the merit option with the program.
    I don't even guarantee Merit if they take that as a single application. Ihave no desire to go out of business fixing lawns for free.
  8. philk17088

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    Yeah, I thought about taking the tree truck out and deluging the area.
  9. mkroher

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    Sorry, I thought since it was your customer you were going to fix the lawn. I didn't say wether or not it was a freebie fix.

    So she didn't want merit last year? And now she learns her lesson? It's probably cheaper to wait it out and do merit and get em at the next cycle. A bag of dylox covers what... 6K @ ~$30/bag? And you said 2/3 of 1.5 acres? So $220 just in dylox.... your cost. You kill these grubs, and (hopefully) a merit app for the fall grubs. Two grub apps in one year I hope this customer has deep pockets.

    I just never saw the point of treating for spring grubs. Let em live...their time will come.
  10. teeca

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    if i remenber correctly, treating grubs this far into there life cycle is almost a wast of effort, their getting ready to come out. get'm when they hit the linden trees. but if you insist on getting them, i'd use a liquid app, like talstar or sevin applied with PLENTY of water as a carrier to get the chemical into the soil.

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