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    Next Year I Will Be Providing Grub Control To My Clients. What Works, What Doesnt? I Have Heard Of Merit, Mach 2, Dilox, Grub Out. Etc. In Oklahoma June 1st Is Recommended To Apply, Everything I Have Is Bermuda. Most Of My Lawns Are Rural And Have Thatch Problems, Some Even Mowed With Brush Hogs. But I Have Some Very Nice In Town Lots Also. We Have A Clay To Shale Base Or Hard Pan. Do You Guys Use Liquid, Granual, Or Lesco Has A Carrier Of Granual Fert. I "think" Dilox Is An Immediate Kill With No Residual And Merit Is Systemic And Takes Several Weeks To Work But Dont Quote Me On That. I Want To Have Options, A Preventive And A Direct Kill One Time Only.
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    How do you type with capitalizing the first letter in every word? That has to be hard!
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    Merit in July is the way to go up here in the frozen north. Follow up with Dylox or Sevin if fall if you have grubs in untreated lawns. We have European chafer and Japanese beetles. Discuss this with local university people and your dealers for best timeing in your area--you will have different types of grubs. Also consider imidicloprid generic. Also consider new products. Not sure, I think one is called Arena--which is clorothianidin or something like that.
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    My preference is to use granulars, as I think they are more stable in the absence of immediate irrigation. I believe the label changed a few years ago on the sprayable Merit that says it must be watered within a certain number of hours. Unless you are on site (a golf course, sports turf, etc...) you don't normally have control over this. With any grub control, the sooner they are in the soil the better, but I think the granulars give you a little more wiggle room.
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    There is actually a setting on the computer that will make it do this. I have NO idea what it is, but I remember there was another guy that was doing this, and he was all ticked off because it was something his wife had done to the computer to make it do that.:rolleyes:
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    I tried a new product late last fall called ALOFT... it is a mixture of clothianidan and bifenthrin. It worked great on large japanese beetle grubs which Merit never controlled for me.

    I also compared it to Dylox and felt that Aloft was better... Lesco said they will be carrying it.
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    Actually, clothianidin is more of a preventative...much like Merit and Mach 2. Though it will kill very small grubs, it is NOT recommended for larger grubs. this is also one of the ai's in Arena.
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    Do you have to be licensed in Oklahoma to apply pesticides?fertilizer? even if not, learn as much as humanly possible about the chemicals you use. Become a "label rat" read every label front to back so you can answer the questions your customers ask. Wear rubber gloves/boots(shoe covers) and heed all warnings.
    P.S. grubs do not live in dog food bowls or fish ponds.
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    Granular w/ grub control...merit one year (no matter the cost) mach 2 the next both at 4 lbs per 1k sqft, maybe even spray tempo on your irrigated lawns. jmo
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    why switch from merit year one to mach2 why not just stick w/ merit? I already know merit is expensive, but why switch if you are getting good control?

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