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    I'm new to dealing with grubs. Stopped at a house yesterday for lawn help. I have no problem redoing the lawn but not sure how to tackle the grubs. This lawn used to be sod. I pulled back some patches and found grubs everywhere. Also the lawn is super saturated, so might have draining issues also.
    Should I rake off the old sod and treat for grubs first? Then wait a couple weeks and return to plant new seed?
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated. . Thanks!

  2. green_thumb

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    Here's what the lawn looks like

  3. RigglePLC

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    The timing of the seeding is more important than the grubs. Get the seeding going and treat for grubs at about the same time. Use acelepryn. It will kill a few now, but more importantly it will stick around and kill the new grubs as they hatch from the eggs which are normally laid about the Fourth of July.

    Seeding now has the advantage of cool weather and spring rains. Fall is also good as it has the advantage of higher soil temperatures. Sod is also good of course--but check sod for any grubs in the associated soil.
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    Thank you for the info. That sounds good. How's that Dylox stuff in comparison to Acelepryn?
  5. RigglePLC

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    Dylox...old fashioned need a hundred times more active ingredient than with Acelypryn, and Dylox only lasts about 3 days.
    Depends on what (if any) is legal in your state, NY
    Acelypryn is now the new active ingredient in Scotts Grub-Ex. It should protect the grass for 6 months. Safer than Dylox.
  6. Greenie

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    That's interesting. Looks like Grub-Ex has 8% of the chemical that Acelepryn has 18% of. Acelepryn is so expensive, but I hear that some time in the future other companies will be able to sell the chemical at a much lower cost -patent expiration?
    I'll look into the Grub Ex as an alternative until Acelepryn gets less expensive.
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    Have you looked at Merit?
  8. jvanvliet

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    Have you tried:

  9. gregory

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    jvan we only do that down here in s fla..
  10. green_thumb

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    Haha! I'll look into Merit but I'm leaning towards the flame thrower technique. Lol
    Thanks for the info.

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