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    A friend of ours just top-dressed their lawn w/ Orgro & seeded this weekend. Then yesterday they called me saying they've got a major grub infestation. Are there any products they can apply to kill the grubs & not the newly sown seed? This is in VA - Zone 7, temps 48 nights/75 days, if it makes a difference.
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    I think the grubs are done eating now and will go dormant to re-emerge as bugs in the Spring... You may be shutting the barn door after the horse is gone, so save the clients' money...
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    If the client called--they are ready to buy--and won't even ask about the price. Sell them two treatments--dylox now--followed by imidicloprid preventative treatments in July--July part continuing forever.

    Dylox will not hurt the new grass or seed. If you don't treat the grubs now--they will continue feeding until the soil is really, really cold. They will attract a lot of skunks and blackbirds, sometimes crows, racoons, moles and armadillos.
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    They're not finished eating here, they are fattening up. I do not know the life cycle timing for VA, however. Dylox and water it in well.

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