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    Correct me if I'm wrong , but now is not the time to start treating grubs organically?

    I think its going to be a bad year for them. I'm already seeing damage.
  2. The late instars (like now through June) are tough to control with Grub Guard.

    My suggestion is to topdress with highly biologically active compost. Adults hate to lay eggs in soil with plenty of organic matter and highly diverse biology. Planning for next years population starts now....

    Milky spore can be effective. Do your homework and study the difference between the liquid and granular formulations.

    I've been hearing that Cedar Oil can work really well if property diluted.

    Grub Guard is very effective if applied at the right time under the right conditions. We have extensive information on our website.
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    Here in Texas armadillos digging up grubs does more damage then the grubs themselves. I find grubs are the hardest insect to control and science is a must. Even with science versus organic it can be a challenge.

    I do lots of top dressing and I find in lawns we have top dressed or homes we have landscaped with good soil the problem will always be worse. Good soil creates lots of microbial activity which stimulates root growth which creates a feeding frenzy.
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    highly agree,the better the soil{high organic matter,great tilth,moist,etc} the more attractive to grubs! topdressing with compost will do zero to discourage grubs,if anything it will encourage them!
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    Take a look at the work of Dr. David Smitley. He has been studying the natural enemies and natural bacterial and fungal diseases of grubs for years.

    Essentially he goes to the places in the US that have had Japanese beetles for the greatest number of years. These have the highest concentrations of grub diseases. He collects bacteria and fungi that infect grubs.

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