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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. americanlawn

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    This seems to be an unusally bad year for annual white grubworms in much of the upper Midwest. During the past 2 1/2 weeks, we have used over 45 bags of Dylox (30 pound bags/covers 10,000 sq ft). Sometimes we treat the entire lawn, and often we only treat partial areas of lawns. Keep in mind that we service 3000 lawns, so this is a small fraction of lawns.

    I called LESCO this afternoon to order another twenty bags -- they told me that only one customer bought "something else" than Dylox today. It's selling off the shelf right now, and I figure we'll see grubworm activity through early November here as I'm finding really tiny grubworms as well. Treating grubs is good extra income, but it sucks when it's windy, cuz the Dylox blows around easily, so you have to watch where the light-weight granules fly.

    We've seen sod webworm damage recently too -- treated them with Dylox.

    Currently I'm treating 8 - 10 lawns a day for grubworms. What are you guys finding? Any breakthroughs with Merit? (we had one, but it was very minor, and it was treated in late June). rscvp:usflag:
  2. carcrz

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    I had one bad case w/ the Merit. I think it may have been lack of watering though. Dylox cured the issue & haven't had any other problems now (knock on wood).
  3. RigglePLC

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    Seen no damage so far around here. However about 20 percent of our cutomers tke the grub control (Merit) in Round three.

    Seen a lot of drought damage. People are asking about reseeding dead areas.
  4. americanlawn

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    from midwest
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    Same here -- lots of old drought damage (caused by low mowing/trimming way too short) as well as afternoon sun with no irrigation on these drought-stressed areas. When I see spurge, I know the customer mowed too short for sure. Then there's the strip of crabgrass along curbs where the mower BUTCHERS the grass way short (sometimes as low as 1/4 inch). Chemicals can only do so much. If homeowners do not follow land-grant university recommendations regarding mowing height, I don't feel sorry for them. Each time we treat lawns, we leave valuable info regarding proper mowing/trimming height, but many do not listen -- then they call for a free service call for us to spray the weeds they would not have had if they mowed properly.

    I've been in this industry 30 years now, and each year I feel less and less sorry for homeowners who do not do their part. If a customer wants summer annual weeds (crabgrass, spurge, etc), all they have to do is mow too short, cuz cool-season turf cannot tolerate it.
  5. mikesturf

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    Grubs are bad in NW Suburbs of Chicago. Started seeing them in late August, but now the damage is really showing. Over a dozen lawns (including mine) which were fertilized in early to mid June with Mach II have grub damage. Its very weird ;) some lawns I can find the grubs in less than 10 seconds, however some lawns I find nothing, even after looking for for 5 minutes-digging deep, good lawn, dead lawn, etc. Lets hope for an early winter. I am spending my Saturday buying more Dylox.
  6. lescojdl

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    If you have a spray rig, try the dlyox 80 SP. Since its soluble, you will get quicker results and don't have to worry about lazy homeowners watering it in. Plus, you don't have to worry about it blowing around as much. The granular dylox is like a greens grade product and sucks to use with any type of wind. Another product you can try is the new Arena. It comes in granular or WDG. It has both systemic and curative activity, so you can apply it any time of the year and get great results. A little more pricey but well worth it according to the research on it. Hopefully they will start blending it onto fertilizer like Lesco does with its Merit.
  7. cenlo

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    I'm in Ontario....and this has been a terrible year for grubs! We applied Merit to about 200 lawns in July and they seem ok. But I am now seeing signs of grub damage to untreated lawns. Will Sevin work at all on grubs at this stage as Dylox is unavailable in Ontario?
  8. turf hokie

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    So far very minimal damage. But you guys are making me nervous.
  9. jrc lawncare

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    Any of our props treated with merit, no issues. With temps cooling off, turf is really starting to shine.
  10. americanlawn

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    from midwest
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    Sevin kills grubs fast. Apply 10% Sevin product granules ar two pounds per 1000 sq ft. Many formulations of Sevin : granular & liquid. They all work great. LESCO sells a combo product: 22-3-7 w/4% sevin -- apply it at 4 1/2 lbs per 1000.

    Many insecticides are labeled for annual white grubworms, it's just that Dylox is usually available at the best cost per acre.

    I returned to Iowa in 1985, and it looks like this year will be as bad as any year I can remember in the upper Midwest for annual white grubworm damage.:waving:

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