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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dhicks, Aug 21, 2000.

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    An older lady had left a voice mail message asking that I come out as quickly as possible for an estimate. This is your basic mowing job and a no frills gig. According to county documents, the property was 1.76 acres. Subtract the house and massive garden, ¾ acres to mow at tops.

    She politely greeted me and explained the property boundaries while we toured the property. I asked as to why she was leaving her current lawn manager. She said he did not shown up for two weeks; did not call her; did not write to her and she wants a new lawn manager. I’m thinking, this job would be a breeze on a weekly basis. I gave her my quote, which was $7.50 higher than she is currently paying. However she reiterated that money was not the object for not now accepting my offer.

    She went on to say that she feels guilty about having me come out and perhaps she should give her current man on mo’ try. I even offered to call the guy and tell him that I would be managing the property. I do believe that I will get the account. I just hope she has the same concerns for me when she fires my arse. This was a case of the ill-fated GRUDGE ESTIMATE.
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    busines is business

    Dont ever give into a bleeding heart. There really is only 2 people that really know how much that the other guy is charging. That story could have been a song and dance just to see if she can get a cheaper price. She probably dont care who cuts the grass, all she might want is just a cheaper price. she'll most likly find a sucker, please dont let it be you. She just might be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Hope this helped.
    Best Wishes.
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    I have no intentions of lowering my price

    What is funny is the urgency of her telephone call and how her attitude towards her current lawn manager had changed to sympathy once we started to talk. It was as if she had completely forgotten that her lawn manager did not show up for two weeks and has not been heard from since. What a hoot.
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    thats cool, cause from the sounds of it, it almost seems like she really wants you to lower the price to what he or she is charging. Believe me, I dont know where your from, but there are alot of people like that here, and it took me a while to realize that. I used to be the yes sir, why sure ma'am type and then I got to thinking. I set my own standards. Thats kinda like aol, they're not gonna charge 15.99 cause the other guy is. They know that have a supreme service and that the 24.95 price is fair and that they will get that price too.
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    Sometimes people will want a quote that is lower than their current service simply to try to get the current servoce to drop a few dollars.

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    She was probably lonely because her lawn guy hasn't been there for 2 weeks. If it wasn't you who went out , it would have been some kind of repair man to keep her company for 30 minutes.

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