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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Master of the Lawn, Jan 13, 2004.

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    Please Advise

    Ran into a old lady that acused me and my workers of blowing leaves into her yard. i blew this yard myself and darn well that we did not get any in her yard. Tell you what that old woman cussed us out 9 ways from 10. Tried to calm her down but no luck. She called the police and about 15 minutes later they showed up.Cops blew her off and said that this is not the first time this has happen.What iam worried about is, that she is going to call the BBB on me Please help with problem any suggestions would be apreciated. A.O.Smith:waving:
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    Use to do an account that had a rotted picket fence that would fall if you walked by it to fast. On the left side the neighbor was identical to the witch you just mentioned how ever on the right side the other neighbor was a even bigger prick. Constantly had threats of cops and the EPA and what ever else they could dream up.

    I don’t like giving up accounts but sometimes it’s for the best. In the pesticide course IV been taking they got a list of clowns you have to give 24-hour notice to if your gona put something down on their neighbors. I don’t even have to have met one to know that they are gona be just like the jerks we just talked about. Tell you what I pick up a job and I find out one of their neighbors is on that list I'm dumping the job instantly not worth the aggravation and I don’t need the money that bad.
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    Just do your best to avoid any reason for contact with the grumpy lady, she lives in her own world between her own ears, it's probably a very lonely and frustrating place.

    For any number of reasons, some folks, regardless of age or gender, are just two legged anal openings.

    Wouldn't be too concerned about BBB, if she really does complain to them, you'll have an opportunity to present your side and they probably won't even record the complaint into the file.

    IMO- Customers are too difficult to find/keep, can't quit one cause a neighbor is a grump. There are exceptions of course, but in general. Just get thick skinned and learn to tune them out.
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    I've got a neighbor that stands and watches me mow. If I even so much as get a stray blade of grass in his yard he goes ballistic. Calls me names, the whole works. First few times I tried to be nice about it, tried to calm him down. He caught me finally on a really bad day, and I just went off on him. Loud, angry, got red in the face. I snapped basically. He looked like he was deadly afraid of me, went in his house and hasn't bothered me since. I don't even remember all the stuff I said. Totally expected the cops to show up. Now, I feel bad about it. But it got him off my back.

    I am not exactly sure what the BBB actually does, never heard from them or used them. I wouldn't worry. If she keeps it up you might want to drop the customer just to keep your sanity.
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    Happens all the time. If I see some leaves ended up on their lawn, I'll do a couple of passes and suck them up. For some, that is STILL unsatisfactory. At that point they get ignored. :cool:
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    what's BBB?
  7. dobehap

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    Better Business Bureau
  8. Tvov

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    You're not alone. One of my employees is able to get along with and talk to anyone, and has smoothed relations with neighbors of some of my customers. It's amazing to see him relate to people, and I think some people are just born with it. There is one particular PITA neighbor down by the water, and a lot of other local landscapers/contractors are amazed that he doesn't abuse us as he does everyone else.

    As to the BBB... It is far from a non-biased source of information about companies, as you have to pay to join them. I personally don't know of anyone who has ever contacted them to find info on a local LCO or contractor. No one I know is a member, and it has not made one bit of difference to our businesses.
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    had a leaf cleanup not to long ago, neighbor raked leaves into giant pile and said they were the customer i was cleanings leaves. i said these people don't control were the leaves go, the wind does well husband comes out and says i better take them. my brothers with me and says forget lets finish and go well i decide to be nice guy and take some of the large pile, well we finished clean up and took alittle of neighbors (so called customers leaves) and the customers lawn was spotless well we go to drive away and the crazy wife comes out with rake and swooshs pile all over spotless lawn I WAS PISSED i went to the (customer young indian guy) and told him, he said ingore it, its ok they are just crazy so when we pulled away my brother mooned them and off we went
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    this is why we keep a gun in the rear window gun rack...when your running the blower and pretending that you can't talk to them just point over to the rear window of the truck...they usally get real pale faced.

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