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    Hey everyone I have been reading all this good info. that you all have been sharing but I haven't read any info about guarantees. I have been in lawn care for 4 years now and I am expanding into landscaping. When it comes to live plants and trees and shrubs what kind of guarantee do you give the customer on how long these plants will live? Once I get them in the ground and the job is done I can give the customer a care sheet on the plants but whos to say they will follow it? For that matter whos to say they will even water the new plant life? any input will be a great help. Thanks
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    Charge extra on guarantee jobs. I gave out a simplified care sheet for a while, but It didn't do much good. People are generally afraid of plants. One thing that helps is to sell them maintenance too. Then you can make a quick check on plants while you mow and let the customer know if something needs attention. In general we replace about 5% of the plants we plant. This is figured in to the guarantee price. I can tell in 10 seconds whether a customer has been caring for their plants- and I make sure to tell them that too. If a customer has a whole list of dead plants (Like 25%) I tell them I will work with them and replant plants with no labor fee. I also talk about taking plants for an autopsy at the University (Which I've still never done). The autopsy thing makes them back off most of the time. We do not guarantee plants for neglect only disease or poor planting technique. When customers pay a guarantee price and then make an attempt at proper maintenance we guarantee with a smile- then we have a customer for life. Neglectors can move on to the next guy.
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    Warranty for one year. Lack of water, acts of God, pests are exclusions. Then smile and try to work with the customer so that they don't bad-mouth you. This is the way we deal with residentials. Commercial is dictated by the bid specs.
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    I have to agree with Lanelle.

    (But build a higher profit into the cost of the plant!)
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    I have the same one year clause as Lanelle. I will usually try to sell the customer on Hortasorb or Bioblend transplant pacs, if I am not responsible for the customers maintenece contract. This can sometimes save your having to explain why plants die when they don't get water.
    Good Luck,
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    I too give a one year could try to search this topic, we have discussed it a few times before.
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    I give 1 yr but also specify this is only for my workmanship not from lack of water (kids) dogs etc. I had one last yr thta thought I should replace a Bradford pear tree I planted because a deer used it as a buck rub....Needless to say I will put this in my warranty paperwork this yr.


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