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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Jarred's Lawn Care, May 20, 2009.

  1. Jarred's Lawn Care

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    most of you out there know that i am in the military and will be deploying next april. I also had several lawn accounts last year but lost them due to state activation for flood duty. So i have about 20 lawns now, and work full time for the military. So i get off at 4pm and get to me enclosed trailer and notice my side door wa open?!? I jumped out of my truck and noticed that it was broken into. Someone decided that they need my equipment more than i do! All my hand held equipment is gone 2 Br600 sthil, 1 Br420, 1 poulan blower vac, 1 husquarvna string trimmer, 1 Sthil komi sytem with string trimmer head/ hedge trimmer/ pole saw/ extension/ straight edger attachment, and 2 sthil hedge trimmers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, thats not including 2 headset radios, and 2 company sweatshirts and shovels and gloves and misc stuff. None of my mowers where touched and none of the full gas cans?!?!? Someone was watching me:nono: that i am sure of.
  2. ashelton

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    I hate to hear about that happening to anybody, ESPECIALLY somebody who serves our country.
    Good luck with your stuff, and thank you for your service to the country.
  3. bighaydenslawn

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    Wow, that is terrible. Best of luck finding the people and getting it back. Take care.

    P.S. Sounds like you have a decent taste in handhelds!!:cool2:
  4. MOturkey

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    Really sorry to hear that. Hopefully you have insurance. Best of luck in the future.
  5. greenred

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    Im sorry about your loss.

    What part of Springfield did this happen in out of curiosity?

    File a police report for sure, give them what serial numbers you have and check out the local pawn shops. The dirtbags that robbed you didnt steal them so they could work, they stole them so they could sell them to get cash for drugs.

    Hopefully you have insurance to cover it.

    If you live in Springfield proper you can call the SPD's front desk and ask for premise checks on your property. The officers who work your beat if they have a chance will make checks on your property.
  6. Linder'sLawnCare

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    I would watch for your company sweatshirts as well as file the police report and start looking for your stuff.
  7. lifetree

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    Sounds like someone that knows from experience.
  8. VirginiaLawnCare

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    Wow it sounds like that city has to much time on there hands! :laugh: If you called here and asked for that they would laugh in your face. :laugh::laugh:
  9. Jarred's Lawn Care

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    yeah got a police report done and need to look at getting a new trailer with better lockable door. the circle locks are awesome though on a good note!! they didnt get in that way:clapping: just a cheap ass pace side door. the said thing is i was broke into last year!!! at a job site with everything locked up! i do have insurance, thank god:weightlifter:!! I live on the northend of springfield
  10. greenred

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    I always had real good luck with Trailer Masters out by Knights Action Park for my trailer needs.

    Also you might want to get your Neighborhood Police Officers phone number and give him or her a call. There is a good chance it was someone in your neighborhood and they have or will be hitting you and your neighbors again. Talking to the NPO and alerting them to the problem probably wont get your stuff back, but it might just help prevent you from getting hit again after you replace your equipment. Maybe. Once a burglar or burglars gets into a area getting rid of them is like trying to get rid of cockroaches. But thats a major part of a NPO's job is to target problems like burglars in their specific neighborhoods.

    Remember one thing when dealing with Springfield City Government - squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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