Guess What!


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I finally got my first call and did the bid today. I feel like that old monkey is off my back!!!! LOL I knew it would finally happen, but after all the flyers put out it is nice to be getting started! To all of you who have encouraged me thank you!

Let it Grow

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Walla Walla, WA
Awesome...feels good doesn't it?!!! That is just the start, they'll just keep coming from here...maybe a bit slow, but they will come!


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I got a pleasant suprise today.One of my residential customers called me today and requested an estimate on maintaining his office building. I said cetainly and he gave me the address so i could take a look at it and then I should call him at work monday to go over the details. I had no idea where he worked and thought it would be a small office almost residential type. I drove by and its an industrial building with about 4 acres of lawn. So I'll put a bid in and see what happens.