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    Okay, first things first. I realize that the following question cannot get a perfect answer, but I'm looking for guesstimates on the following to prepare an estimating formula that will be "on the money". I will share when complete:

    1. How many linear feet of bed edging would contain 1 cu yd. of mulch.

    I know some of the variables, but I need more heads to give me all of them.

    Var. 1. Much types:

    a. Double-cut Hardwood
    b. Triple-cut Hardwood
    c. Cypress
    d. Shredded yellow pine

    Each of these types will spread at a different rate. I need a guestimate on the rate of each type.

    Var. 2. A circular bed will have more linear ft. than a bed with only 1 side of edging. I'm looking for an average.

    De-weeding Services:

    If you had to estimate your average de-weeding job in the spring by the cu. ft. of cultivated area. How many "man minutes" would you bid per cu. ft.?

    Using "amount of mulch needed" as a guideline, at what point do you think the variables could get out of hand to the point that a guesstimate would be too off? I was thinking 10 yards.

    Are there any other variables that you would equate into a "perfect estimating equation"?
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    You need to know how much mulch you want to put down, how thick don't worry about the variety, 1" = 364sq', 2" = 162 sq', 3" = 108 sq'. Weeding all depends on how motivated the person doing it, you need to know they amount of work (roughly you can get out of an employee and then figure some extra time. Also depends highly on the type of weeds some there is no blanket time per cu'
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    Some of my thoughts...

    I realise these are not the answers you are looking for, some clients I charge for total man hr. plus mattrial others by the total job.

    1) their is no such thing as a perfect estimate that is why it is called a estimate.
    2) spread rates for different types of mulch are a non issue the spread rates are to close to measure
    3) I never factor man minutes, thats silly labor that exceeds any estimate is charged to the man hr.
    4) I charge between 85.00 and 95.00 per yard of mulch installed.
    5) I never under charge, so I never loose money on any job all labor or mattrial that exceeds any written estimate is billed at my regular per man hr. rate plus the current market cost of mulch used plus 20% mark up.
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    I've gathered the information I need now. Thanks for all the feedback. I'll tell my reasons for this thread when we are finished. It is all for some custom software programming.

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