Guidance needed on JD 727A

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ixlr8, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. ixlr8

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    Hi folks, I am presently running a Husqvarna 48" WB, looking at a used JD 727A. I have never had a ZTR before, not sure what I am getting into. The JD is a 2005 has 250 hrs on it with the older 7 Iron deck, they are asking $4600. Is there anything in particular I should be checking extra carefully? Are there any problem areas in these machines? Will this cut as good as the new 7 Iron II deck? Actually, key is, will it cut as good as or better than my Husky, which cuts better than my neighbors Toro 52" Zmaster... then again.. I suspect there is something wrong with his deck. He has had it to dealer 3 times based on my comments and dealer says nothing wrong!!??

  2. gl1200a

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    My first mower was a 727A and I loved it! Great mower with just the right size deck on it. It did lack a bit of power going up a fairly steep hill, but I never had a bit of trouble with the unit. The 23 horse was a good fit for the mini frame Z-Trak. I had one of the original Power Chutes on it and a homemade striper (read: mudflap). A great mower to start with for you.
  3. ixlr8

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    Thanks for the feedback. Is there anything I should be aware of, check extra carefully, or are they a solid no issue machine? If all goes well I am going to check out the machine on Sunday.
  4. Power Chute Design

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    I put 350 hours on mine in two years and had no issues. I ran Mobil One oil only and gator blades and had no problems at all to be honest.
  5. gl1200a

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    Oops.. that was me.
  6. MCLC

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    I have 360 hours on my '07 and no problems other than a pulley that the bearings when bad. Just put Royal Purple 10W30 in it and the 23HP Kawasaki feels more powerful with it. The 54" deck just the right size for most of my accounts. Wish it had a suspension seat.

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