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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Surferbum21, Jan 25, 2009.

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    I will be taking the tests so that I may spray commercially. But I was also wanting to read up on everything and become as educated as possible on what I will be doing. Any information from you veterans would be greatly appreciated. Stuff like what to include in programs, services? When to do certain services. Do these classes teach you everything you need to know for this aspect of lawn care? What are the health risks involved (what can I do to reduce them)? What equipment/products should I look for (and steer away from)? I live in Oklahoma and have been in lawn care/landscape for 11 years and want to branch out some more. I am going to slowly get into this with a few accounts here and there (mainly my customers) so that I can get a feel for this and then really advertise and try and get it going.

    Thanks in advance guys. I am really looking forward to this challenge next season. Alot of my customers complain b/c their spray guys aren't doing a good job and there are a lot of times when I come to mow and they fert/sprayed that day. I am marketing to these customers that they will never have to worry about that again since it will be done by one company that they can trust.
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    Talk to several fert dealers. Just read what is here--you will be fine. Very dangerous work you will be getting into. Protect yourself. Lot of low hanging branches, traffic accidents, dog bites and sunburn. Wear your seatbelt, high boots and sunscreen.

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