Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
I chatted with him on AOL chat this afternoon.


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hes around. remember he is on a different time zone. actually i think i have seen some posts by him recently. ya on the landscape forum on excavators. i talked to him a few days ago. they are doing this huge job and he has been very busy.


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Wow, someone missed me! I'm going to get all teary eyed. Yeah I check in maybe twice a month for the past two months because we've been swamped with a pretty big job here. I'm running it, so I have to stay late and clean up after all the slackers, go in early to update the status with the boss, etc. I'll have about 100 new pictures from this job, plus some pics of our snow removal equipment in the next 2-3 weeks on my web site. The job we're on is a 2000 foot road with a 2500 foot paver sidewalk. We're pretty much wrapped up, and if weather allows we're going to pave it tuesday and wednesday. As soon as I'm done I'll be back here in full force! I'm itching to start posting everytime I come look around in here, but I haven't had the time. Can't wait for next month! See you guys soon.

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