Gun vs z-spray, permegreen, hps or nozzle type spray. Which is best?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sedge, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. sedge

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    Just looking at the weed kill aspect or the quality of weed control, not the ease of use. I know dragging a hose sucks.... but.....

    I have a thought on gun vs the other types of chem/fert apps.

    If using liquid fert with weed control chemicals and a gun, how is the post weed control kill. I would assume that since the water droplets are much larger vs a nozzle type spray system, that the weed kill is not as good? Right? or not?

    Do you have to do more spot spraying with a gun system?

    Is it better to use a nozzle spray for weed control and go with granular for the fert and make 2 passes?

    Or is the weed control good enough with a gun, that you can go with a gun and don't have to do more spot spraying vs the nozzle type spray.

    Thanx guys.......
  2. crazy4green

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    I have pulled hoses and now run pg and feel that I get much better WC and less service calls for weeds. Don't know if its droplet size or what but it is just what I have found personally. But there are many opinons out there and know someone will say different. Also have poped out weeds after a few days using both and found root system died off and not just plant in many more cases with nozzle and not so with gun.
  3. Rayholio

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    I personally think that they each have their high points, and low... a truck mounted sprayer typically doesn't need nurse tank, trailer, ramps etc. It can also apply a very high volume of spray.. it's got less parts that can break.. but the hose is a mess.. it's hard to change chem from one lawn to the next ('cept with multi-tank systems)

    A PG (or equivilant) is less labor, faster, funner, you have more versitility in terms of changing apps from one lawn to the next, and is a master of low volume apps. It's higher maintenance, it can be wrecked, you usually need a nurse tank, and a hualing solution. I don't think you'll see the TRUE benefit of a PG until you've reached capacity customer wise.

    If you can only have one.. (just starting business) you need a truck mounted sprayer. It's gonna cost a LOT less to get set up, and even if you have a PG, you're still gonna need a hose for certain services..

    I also think the higher volume of the hose will make a noticable difference with Fertilizer, Iron, and Grub insecticides... but I prefer granular Ferts.. seem to work better, and longer.. Liquid is the ONLY way to go for weed kill IMHO and yes.. I think the smaller droplet size helps with weed kill.. however it also drifts a lot worse. there's a balance to be achieved.

    LIBERTYLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Get a PG or Z-Spray if you are looking at lawn Fert/Squirt. You DON"T need a lot of lawns to realize thier potential, as you will have much more time & energy to go sell to more people. With a skid sprayer you are carting around hundreds of gallons of chemicals, which can be a huge liability if you are in an accident! IF you take care of them, you will get lots of use out of any machine-No matter which way you go, if you don't take care of it, it won't last...Even skid mount sprayers. I dought you will find anyone going from a PG/Z-spray to a skid mount ....

    Just my opinion!:)
  5. americanlawn

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    Most accurate application of weed & feed = hand spray liquid. Also - we have never spilled or caused damage to a given area due to liquid applications. Push spreaders are second best regarding accurate coverage. Worst = ride-on sprayer/spreaders. I admit that we use 2 PG's & one LESCO Ztwo sprayer/spreaders, but this is merely to limit operator fatigue, increase productivity, save time, and increase profit. Our most common lawn damage is the result of spilled "granular" fertilizer. Never from liquid apps. My two cents worth.
  6. ted putnam

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    All very excellent points!
  7. Rayholio

    Rayholio LawnSite Bronze Member
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    even coverage? We can agree right now that ride ons don't have the best... but I beg to differ on granular.. I'm sure it's very reliant on the operator though..

    We've had minor spills onlawns before.. The leaf blower can make quick work of any of them.. no problemO :)
  8. rcreech

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    I think I could argue that I get better/more accurate coverage using my ride-on vs. pulling a hose.

    I get a very good spread pattern with my PG and awesome weed control.

    My arguement would come from the standpoint that after I go over 10 acres in a day I am still driving a constant speed which allows me to apply a constant volume/K.

    If an applicator was to walk over 10 acre in a day (which I am not sure one could do that much in a day, but I don't know as I have never pulled a hose). I feel confident to say that they may be also "dragging" their feet by the end of the day(no pund intended). Therefore the application accuracy may be scewed a little!

    Just my take!
  9. Rayholio

    Rayholio LawnSite Bronze Member
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    well... there ya have it!

    All of them are perfect..

    just not for everyone. :)
  10. Blink74

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    I've been using a Lesco 200 gal skid sprayer for years with great results. This year I plan to get a Permagreen but I'm skeptical of the broadleaf coverage compared to hand spray. However, I feel I will save enough time and money with the PG that I will blanket spray each property twice (spring and fall) to acheive comparable results.

    As far as granular, I think the coverage will be the same with the PG.

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