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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Natural Impressions, Oct 16, 2005.

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    I wasnt sure where to post this but I had something on my mind. With the season ending and leaf clean up beginning I am look to expamd my business some. What is the going rate for gutter cleaning? I see many people advertising "Starting as low as $35.00 to clean gutters." But what is the step up rates. I mean is it usually buy linear foot or just about need to be clean out. Let me know of you ideas, thanks
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    I believe I see the advertisment you are referring too. Says something like "Gutting cleaning as low as $35.00" and then right under it it states "average home". I always asked myself what the heck an average home with one gutter...LOL
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    You may be talking about the company whos ads and trucks say "Gutter Cleaning, $35-85 average house". That company is all over NJ, PA and beyond.

    Most likely, the $35 is their lowest price, and most of the homes are higher then that. And I'm sure many homes are higher then $85 too. Those are just some numbers to get the calls coming in.

    There's a local siding/roofing company that always advertises $125 for first 100ft. This includes cleaning the gutters out, bagging and removing debris, and checking the roof, gutters, downspouts for any damage, or needed repairs.

    They're really making it look like they're doing a lot for them, but really most of it is just "checking" things out.

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