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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmk395, Nov 25, 2001.

  1. dmk395

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    Anyone clean gutters? What do you charge? Sounds like something good to keep me busy throughout the month of December.
  2. Only my own!!!

    I have seen a co around that does a 1500 sq/ft house for $150 a year. 4 visits total.

    They stand on the ground with modafied back pack blower that turn back wards to make suction not blow. they let the crap fall in buckets. Lots of PVC pipes.

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  3. Runner

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    I do it. I generally only charge 20 to 40 dollars and it is included in the Fall cleanup price.
  4. kutnkru

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    Simple enough method of providing a service to getting yourself killed or doing serious structural damage to the property.

    I would recommend that you call a licensed roofing contractor and get an estimate from them. Add 10% to it and submit the price. BTW strickdad is doing it how we price also with a $50 minimum per roof for single homes. $75 minimum for commercial sites.

    $1 ft - single story
    $2 ft - second story
    $4 ft anything above 2 stories.

    You will also need to get insurance listed for arborist services because your grounds policy for lawn/landscape work WILL NOT cover you.

    Hope this helps. ;)
  5. Try going to the L&L board and asking one Erich Heinrich.

    He knows much about gutter cleaning, cleaning the deep fryer, and replacing the rest room partitions at fast food joints.
  6. strickdad

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    to add to this, people may complain about how high the price is just remind them that if you fall off the roof the ambulance ride is gonna cost no less than 200.00 dollars(and they dont negociate price lol)
  7. thelawnguy

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    I received the following exerpt in a message around a month ago:

    "BTW for what its worth I truely owe you a GREAT deal of thanks for the grinding you gave me about gutters this spring. We recently had a fellow LMO fall off a roof over 40 feet and he survived but I dont know if I would clarify that living.

    Thanks again for the lesson. My children and (name deleted) too. We had a long conversation when we heard about it from a friend who works in the ER."

    Need I say more?
  8. gogetter

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    I've only done a few so far and charged $35 each time. They took anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. They were all about the same size, but some were just heavier with leaves than others.

    There was an ad in the paper under gutter cleaning (many companies around my way offering this) that had a flat rate of $50. I forget if the ad said "most roofs" or anything like that. I would think they would have to vary thier price from a small single level roof to a 2 story, steep angled roof.

    I think I should raise my price if I continue to do this.

    Also, I just want to say something on the safety issue. There are plenty of guys out there that will just go ahead and do something without thinking about it first, or will be tough guys, showoffs, etc.
    This doesn't just apply to gutters either.
    I for one have a healthy fear of getting hurt, so I don't take chances.

    If a roof is higher or steeper then I'm comfortable standing on, I'll work off a ladder. Will take longer, so I'll just have to charge more.

    thelawnguy, since I've been on this site I've heard of people

    1. Flipping over on a rider
    2. Chainsaw accidents
    3. Being burned by gas
    4. Log splitter accidents
    5. Fall from ladder while trimming

    And probably others I'm forgetting. Does this mean that we should not provide these services either?

    Instead, maybe we could discuss ways to make it safer? I know some have mentioned that they won't use bp blowers while on a roof so as not to throw off thier balance. Let's expand on this kind of safety talk.
  9. G.Williams

    G.Williams LawnSite Member
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    Charge high. They are getting prices because they don't want to get up on the roof. $50 minimum for ranchers on up for double stories. 2 man minimum on the job just in case, ladder is always footed. Blow out the downspouts with a backpack blower as well.
    Just don't charge too cheap, not a lot of companies around here that do it.
  10. geogunn

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    this subject comes up a couple times a year or so.

    and it is always followed by a bunch of members that have problems with it.

    I'll clean gutters for a price and I wont get killed doing it.

    I don't like falling or busting my keester and if I think I will, I wont clean the damn things.

    it's a no brainer yes or no to the original question.


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