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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GW Lawncare, Feb 8, 2002.

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    Heys Guys,

    I was thinking of trying to do a flyer for just gutters, since weather has been warmer lately around here, to get my foot in the door with spring cleanups and possibly season accounts. I tried a search for pricing of it separately, but didn't find anything. What kind of pricing goes into gutters, by the foot?? Hour?? I know it has some to do with market, but could use some general suggestions.

    GW Lawncare
  2. awm

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    for me a lot depends on what type house u talkin about.
    a good walkin roof is somethin i do for 20- 30 dollars for my regulars . twice a yr. takes anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.
    for noncustomers with yuk built up in their gutters ,i charge according to the difficulty.50 - 200 depending on how many stories etc. if u goin to do steep roofs,get the whole climbing setup an dont pinch pennies in that area.always have a primary and secondary life will save your life someday.
    my son is an adjuster ,so he goes up to inspect anything.
    hes always talkin about losing somebody he knew ,cause they assumed everything would work rite. later now
  3. Turfdude

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    Check w/ your ins. co. first! You may only be able to provide this service for your regular accounts as part of a leaf clean-up service. I know w/ Farm Family Ins. that this is the rule of thumb.
    Just make sure your a$$ is covered - CYA.

  4. PAPS

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    Every once in awhile, I get a customer who asks me we can do they gutters. I charge a minimum of $50.00 for an easy roof. And I tell the customer its dangerous, and if it was easy, you'd be doing it. And we get our price of $50.00 every time. But, if we do (3) gutter jobs a year... thats a lot.

    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    $30 minimun and that's only if I can get on the roof and used my backpack blower. 2 storys- $50 min. If the gutters are swampy price goes up. Last fall I cleaned out about 40 gutters. Had one of the driest falls on record so gutter cleaning was a breeze. Did a condo complex this past fall. 14 units, took 6 hours and charged $50 per unit. Not bad for 1/2days work.

  6. RB

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    We do it for free! All res. properties are ranch or split level. During leaf clean up it takes us 5 or 10 minutes. Customers appreciate it.

    After you blow them out one or two times, there is usually only dry leave in there anyway. The customer appreciates it. We make it up in other ways.

  7. Lawn Dog2001

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    To me gutter cleaning has nothing to do with Landscaping/Lawn Care. I do not offer gutter cleaning at all. I do not like ladders. I do not like heights. Im am 6'2 and around 280. The bigger they are. The harder they fall.;)
  8. bob

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    The only gutter I clean are my own. Your taking a big risk should you fall while cleaning Mrs. So and So's gutters. Who will help you cut grass when your legs in a cast.
  9. thartz

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    I've been ask to clean gutters and I feel the same as previous posts; I don't see that as lawn care. I always tell the client I will sub the service to a friend ofmine who owns a roofing business since his insurance covers this type of work . they seem to accept the idea since I tell them if he falls off their roof their homeowners won't have to cover the accident .
  10. Turfdude

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    Geez Dog,
    Then you'd lose more $ filling in that big hole too. lol

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